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Dating Younger Men: Hot Trend or Plain Trashy?

Lately there has been a proliferation of older women dating younger men. It’s everywhere – from celebrities to everyday people. New terms (think “cougar”) have even been coined for this trend. But is it a good one?

Many women will argue that men have been dating much younger women for years, and it is about time that we are able to do the same thing. And, with more and more women putting their career first in life, younger men are starting to make more and more sense.

On the Prowl

At a certain age, men start to want to settle down and have families. If a woman is focused on her career (or even is simply not ready to do the same), she does not want these men. She wants someone who understands the need to just have fun. Enter the younger man. Or, alternatively, after a woman gets divorced, she is not ready to hop right back into a relationship. Again, enter the young stud.

The younger man has many positive attributes. They are often capable of having unbridled, passionate sex for hours on end, or at least multiple times in one night. They are not looking for a commitment or to have children or to settle down. They are fun and have better bodies and are generally better looking (there are always exceptions, of course). And, the older a woman gets, the better she feels when a youthful suitor shows interest. It makes a woman feel desirable and sexy, and that is never a bad thing…

Of Boys…

The only problem with the younger man is that eventually their immaturity comes through. Women tend to mature more quickly than men to begin with. Add an age difference to that, and after a while a woman can start to feel more like a babysitter than a date. And, many times, simply because of their nature, women start to get attached. And, since the whole bonus of the younger man is that they do not, it can create quite a bit of friction.

But, in the end, will this be a trend that dies off? Will women continue to date these young boys (if you can ever REALLY call it dating…)? Or will the status quo return? Will all of the cougars disappear, leaving only mild kittens? Or will those cougars take over the jungle, and be the only way we survive?

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