Why Men Always Think About Sleeping With Their Exes


Many women waste hours of their life fantasizing about their ex-boyfriends and they waste even more time bitching to their girlfriends over their “whine and wine” sessions deciphering if their exes are still thinking about them.

Rest assured ladies, because I can tell you right now that unless you have pulled a “Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction” on your ex-boyfriend, he still thinks about banging you. (And even if you have acted like a psycho in the past, he will omit those memories if the sex was good enough.)

It doesn’t matter if we were the ones that dumped you or if we’re seriously dating someone else, we still think about how you sounded in bed and how you felt under us. (Sleazy, but true!)

Sometimes, we sacrifice our porn time on the net to creep on your FaceBook profiles and hell, sometimes we think about you when we’re having sex with other girls. If we have slept with you, we will continue to make deposits in our spank banks because of you.

Why do we think about this and why do we never like to admit it to you, gals? It’s simple: It’s just in our nature. We can’t help it. However, what makes us different then women is that we don’t think about having sex with our exes and reconciling. We think about familiarity and sometimes nostalgia gets the best of us. We see our exes like our favorite television shows from our childhoods. We think about how they made us feel and we think about “re-visiting” them, but in most case when we do, we are left sorely disappointed and we were better just reminiscing than ruining cherished memories.

I don’t mean to let down you hopeful, love-lorn ladies out there who are set on getting back with your exes, but most of your exes are thinking about getting laid and their overblown egos when it comes to their ‘thoughts about you. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it’s important for women to know this in order to move on with their lives when they are hung up on a guy that doesn’t deserve it.

Sure, there are some of us out there that genuinely think about getting back together with our exes. However 8 times out of 10, we’re just thinking about how it would be to have sex with you….one more time.

Despite the fact that this may not be what you gals wanted to read, there is a silver lining to this blog and that is to stop thinking you’re undesirable after a break up because even if things didn’t work out with the one you want, he will continue to think about you sexually for weeks and months and possibly years to come, and that should be enough to boost any jilted female’s self-esteem.

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  1. I know that my ex boyfriend he always has asian women fantasy ( and I was his asian fantasy), but we just broke up 2 months ago due to complicated reasons and I did create some dramas. after breakup, I have been very heart-broken and humiliated to see that he is seeing some local timorese single mom for whatever casual sexual intercourses. but I do believe that his asian fantasy is still there, just no sure it is still me or not. ( it is stupid of me to still think of him coming back to me) but I like this article. thanks

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