How to win favour with your other half

CoupleAre you in the dark as to how to keep your lady smiling? Wonder why she seems to be looking at you and sighing all the time? We look at ten simple tips to help you win serious brownie points with your other half.

1. Listen to her
How often do you really listen to your partner? Nodding your head while playing a computer game really doesn't count. Ask her a question, then listen without interrupting. Make eye contact, think about what she says and don't let your attention wander. She'll love you for it!

2. Pick up after yourself
If you think your socks magically take themselves to the washing machine, you'd be wrong. Find out where the appropriate receptacle is for your dirty clothes and remember to put them there. Nothing kills romance more quickly then the sight of a pair of filthy socks (or worse) lying on the floor.

3. Treat her
Don't take her for granted. Surprise her with a bottle of her favourite wine, a bunch of flowers or take her to see that film she's been talking about. You don't even have to spend any money – why not offer to cook dinner, run her a hot bath and give her a shoulder rub?

4. Give her a compliment
How often do you tell her she's looking lovely? Relight the spark you felt when you first got together by reminding her how beautiful you think she is, regularly.

5. Tackle the ironing
A mountain of ironing is enough to make any woman feel down in the dumps. Considering that she probably spends a fair amount of time tackling your shirts, it's time to man up, grab the steam iron and get stuck in. She'll be delighted!

6. Get grooming
It can be easy to get a bit lax about personal grooming once you're in an established relationship. Make sure you smell sweet, get a hair cut and consider asking for her help in buying some new clothes.

7. Quit that bad habit
If you're a smoker, and you know she doesn't like it, give up now. You're guaranteed to get points for effort!

8. Learn to dance
No woman can resist a man who really knows how to dance. Get yourself some lessons, or even better, enroll in a salsa class and take her along.

9. Put the toilet seat down
It's surprising how many men forget how annoying always having to put the seat down can be. Remember to put it down and you'll be in her good books.

10. Tell her you love her
Say those three little words – “I love you” – and you're sure to make her feel happier and more cherished.

In a relationship, it's sometimes the small things that count the most, such as listening, being considerate and helping around the house. Try out some of the ideas listed above and your partner is certain to see you in a whole new light!

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Alexandra James is a blogger on lifestyle and relationship issues.

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