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An Oldie But A Goodie

I prefer dating older men. I do not have “daddy issues”, nor am I a gold digger.

I prefer dating older men. I do not have “daddy issues”, nor am I a gold digger. Now that those two questions you were thinking about were answered I’ll explain myself.
Dating a guy my age, 20 something, is like being a mother, and if I wanted to have a kid right now, I would have gotten pregnant. I know guys can be gross, I get that, but I never thought that I would have to constantly nag a 24 year old to get them to brush their teeth or tell them that putting their napkin in their lap is actually “a thing”. They flaunt their ignorance, actually, as a matter of fact, they are very proud of NOT understand what I’m talking about and try to make me feel like a dorky loser for having a wide range of knowledge. I’m sorry; you in fact are the loser. Especially when you do NOT understand the references made on ‘Family Guy.’ (Seriously, how is that show so popular with young guys, when they don’t understand 90% of the references?!) I especially hate having to spilt the check, or, my personal favorite, “Can your order be only $10?” I would rather stay at home and watch a Law and Order marathon than have to go out with a guy my age when the only thing we have in common is, age.

Dating an older man has a bad stigma attached to it, when it used to be no big deal. (Thanks Anna Nicole Smith and all 500 of Hugh Heffner’s exes. Dating older men doesn’t mean dating an old pee-paw!) The main reason I enjoy it is because I don’t have to be a teacher anymore. It’s refreshing to sit at dinner and NOT have to be Wikipedia on legs! Aside from having things in common, older men haven’t lived with mommy for decades, so they are actually capable of taking care of themselves. They have lived longer, so they have more stories to tell, which means they will actually converse with you. (Even if the story isn’t super exciting, go with it because you get a chance to actually eat your meal on a date and they feel like they are giving you some of their wisdom. Win, Win.) And, they are smooth. Your first encounter with a charming man is like your first bite of a gourmet meal, you don’t want to go back to eating at Carl’s Jr. after that.

I understand that some people don’t get the allure of old men because they are “wrinkly and old.” Well, young guy, don’t judge a book by its cover because you too will be wrinkly and old, but unlike the men I’m interested in, you will not have the charm and wit, you will just be a stupid old fart.

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