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How to DESTROY any 1st date night in 3 easy steps!

Don't be like this guy...
Don't be like this guy...

I get it – you don't want to go on yet another date because you can't bear the thought of one more magical time together. Don't worry I recently did an interview with the famous date night destroyer ‘Frank Badguy' on how he completely removes any risk of becoming soul mates. For me it was life changing!

Check these 3 top date destruction tips I learned:

Frank's Top Tip #3:Talk. Don't Pause. Then Talk Some More!

Everyone has a ‘Pause-o-meter' – it's that gap they wait after someone stops talking before they share. For example if you're talking with a shy guy from the country then you'll probably need to leave 2-3 seconds of silence before they'll say anything. Conversely if you get 4 New Yorkers at a table it's a game of Who's Interrupting Next with a timer of about -0.5 seconds.

Here's how Frank masters the art of the Pause-O-Meter on Date Night:

He uses the first 5 minutes to identify what the other person's Wait Timer is. This way he knows exactly when they're going to open their mouth and he can cut them off just as they draw that breath to speak! This maximizes frustration for his dates without missing out on precious talking time for Frank!

This one trick allows Frank to talk for 70-80% of the entire date night! Incredible!

#2: Be stingy in case they think you might be a ‘nice guy'

Manly men like Frank have learned that nice guys finish last. Over the years he's developed a double punch approach to avoid any risk of this:

  • Don't pay for her. At all
  • If she goes along with this destroy any chance that she thinks you're simply a ‘modern man' by getting her to pay for something else!

As the Date Night Wingman I totally understand that men don't have to pay for everything but I would never have thought of the second crushing tip! When done correctly it reinforces that your date isn't a priority to you. This representation of power is the answer to that age-old question of ‘What women want'! After you employ this she won't be able to get enough of you!

Now I can hear you saying to yourself ‘But Elliott, what if she's so needy that she just goes along with it?' Never fear – I asked Frank the same question:

Get her to pay for yet another thing and laugh all the way to the bank!

The #1 Date Annihilation tip: Be a bore. A serious, serious, bore…

I was already on the edge of my seat but then Frank blew me away with this doomsday nuke of date night destruction:

“If you're boring they need to put all the effort in which saves you energy. AND they love it!”

(I literally fell off my seat at this point)


It just made so much sense! Chicks want date night to all be about them so when they're doing all the work it IS all about them!

This is a challenge so Frank uses this imaginative role play to get in the zone:

“Pretend you're a tax auditor. Now plan your date.”

He went onto say that this means never do anything adventurous or creative.

Bonus Tips to help you avoid the risk of ever going on a second date

These are some of the smaller tips I managed to write down in the interview with Frank. Even these one liners are total gold:

  • Be a tool to the waiters
  • Drink and offer to drive them home
  • Definitely don't do any of these tips
  • Talk about your ex (don't forget to interrupt!)
  • Laugh at your dates life goals and dreams
  • Don't shower
  • Definitely don't wear cologne
  • Be late. Like really late!
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Elliott shares creative date ideas that help men connect with their soulmate! After all date nights should be fun!

Wingman’s date hack #4: Add some buildup to a date night by hiding an invitation in her shoe before work! There’s some free ones you can download and print at datenightwingman.com/urbandater

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