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Sandy Rosenblatt graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Health and Human Development (Family Studies) and a minor in Women's Studies. She serves as Executive Director of an assisted living facility overseeing care and treatment for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. She is also a Manager of Client Programs for AskRomeo, a company committed to drastically changing the dating and love lives of their clients. Sandy is an adventure junkie

When he took me back

When He Asked For Me Back

I remember as my parents neatly folded up the blanket I’d slept with all my life. I was heartbroken. I watched as they placed it on the top shelf of my closet, the shelf that no matter how clever I...

/ August 22, 2012
spartan male

Looking for My Spartan

All my life I was taught to “be nice.” Many times this meant biting my tongue, withholding what I really wanted to say, or not expressing how I really felt. Where did being nice get me? It got me doing...

/ June 26, 2012