Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.40.38 AMIf you are looking to treat your new squeeze to a more action-filled date out then perhaps you should think about taking on something a little more adrenaline fuelled. The good old-fashioned staples of typical dating often find potential new loves coupling up in cinemas, meeting up for a drink or enjoying a meal together in a restaurant. But maybe you should consider one of the following to add a bit of thrill and adrenaline to your date?

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For a few thrills and potential spills heading down a raging river with your date would certainly be a memorable one. White water rafting is of course not necessarily an easily accessible option for daters especially dependent on whereabouts you live or where you’ll be meeting your date. But it is an exciting and fun day out as long as your new friend is happy to tackle the fast and furious waves.

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Paint-balling provides a fun day out and is a great opportunity for daters to enjoy some shoot-em-up action running around the woods and blasting each other with balls of paint. Although battling it out can be fun you may be unfortunate enough to split up into teams and your new love-interest may suddenly become the enemy. This’ll leave the two of you separated for a great deal of the time, which is not ideal when you’re trying to get to know one another.

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Whether you’re a high roller or a newbie the casino experience can always be a great night out even if it’s just somewhere to end the night on. You can both enjoy the excitement of placing a few bets and getting wrapped up together in the atmosphere. You may even want to check out the types of Pokie games available at Royal Casino to give you an idea what you can expect from your visit to the casino.

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An excellent choice if your date enjoys a few white knuckle ride experiences on his or her downtime. Apart from the exciting selection of thrill rides and roller coasters you can take pleasure in riding there are also plenty of other entertaining things to do on a theme park day out. There are plenty of places to eat, lots of sideshow games to get involved in and much more. You can even try to win your date a cuddly toy whilst venturing over to queue for your next big ride.

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