Anatomy of a Crazy Text… Continued

In talking with my friend, Rod, recently, he told me about Melina and how she was still contacting him, though it's seemed to taper off completely.  However, just a couple weeks ago she sent him a series of text messages and then an email… I'd say that these are less crazy than the ones she previously sent.  It's amazing that some people just don't get the hint and gracefully leave “well enough” alone.  That said, more from Melina.

Over a month after they met, at least two weeks removed from Melina’s last message:

Melina: Did you get my email?

Melina: I wish you would tell me to fuck off or call you eventually. Argh!

Melina: Gonna try to call u later

At 2:15 am

Melina: Hi. U awake?

Rod: Hi Melina. Got ur email and read it. I’m not going to tell you to fuck off because I’m a gentleman. However, I think it’s probably a good idea if we don’t talk to each other anymore.

Melina: I’ll forget you and your number. No worries.

Now this one, Rod accidentally calls her from his phone and her replies to that…

Melina: Called me on accident

Melina: How is it that you called me on accident? I called you once this way and you dismissed me yet you’ve done it more than a few times to me and I’m “forgiving”?

Rod: I don’t know why my phone is retarded. I’m sorry for bothering you. I keep locking the keys and it keeps calling you. Again, sorry.

Melina: that’s the thing, y ou’re not bothering me. YOU 86’d our friendship and I went ahead and completed your request by getting rid of everything of yours on my phone. As much as it irks andhurts me a bit to say this, delete my stuff too. After all, Rod, we can’t be friends and you don’t think we should talk, right?

Melina: I remember your phone number because I have this Rain Man thing that I remember numbers so I know it’s you even though YOU aren’t in my phone.

Rod: I’m sorry that my phone keeps calling you, I figured out why. Your number was set to a speed deal. I just removed it, won’t happen again. Truly sorry.

Melina: honestly that was what I thought but I figured it would’ve automatically deleted itself when you deleted me as a contact. Like I said, I’m open to friendship when and if you’re willing. Take care.

A day later…

Melina: Did you get my email?

An email crafted by the persistent Melina for Mr. Rod

From: Romero, Melina
Date: Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 9:04 AM
Subject: hey
To: [email protected]

Hi. Last night was strange. Waking up to a phone call from you was surprising and oddly enough, exciting. When I picked up the second time (because you called twice, I missed it once) I heard a lot of background noise and proceeded to say hello for a few seconds. That's when I realized it was accidental. I also listened to the voice mail you left thinking maybe you had something to say, but again, only background noise. I was a bit disappointed but, shit happens for a reason right? With that being said, I hope you find yourself doing well and I welcome a (real) call from you anytime.


By the way, I was sorting through some of my things and found what I was supposed to give you when we were supposed to hang. It was a “Growing Valentine Friend” sponge-thingy. It was a yellow heart that swells up when you let it soak in water. Pretty ironic since soon after I bought it, we stopped being friends completely…

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Alex is the founder and managing editor at the Urban Dater. Alex also runs: DigiSavvy, for which he is the co-founder and Principal. Alex has a lot on his mind. Will he ever get it right? If he does, he'll be sure to write.

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  1. “Grow­ing Valen­tine Friend” sponge-thingy?! Dude, that's just creepy. I wouldn't be surprised if Melina turns out to be a homicidal maniac. Perhaps your mate Rob should up his security alert level…

  2. This girl needs to never talk again. She's so dumb. She seriously is making my head spin just reading these texts. It is really entertaining to read though.

    I bet she's texting Rod right now… haha

  3. seriously? this is a joke right? women really do this? i just don't understand. could she be any scarier? it's as if she thinks she can convince him into a relationship. i am appalled by this woman and fascinated at the same time.

  4. hohoho… this is highly amusing. i was guilty of sending (by my own definition) crazy texts to someone but nothing of this calibre!!! hope your mate Rod is Melina-free, 4 months down the road 🙂

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