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5 Reasons Your Emails Are Scaring Women Off

3.  Asking way too many questions.

Filling out a profile with question mark after question mark is overbearing, and comes across as if you are way too excited.  Instead of writing as many questions as you can think of, come up with one quality question that will prompt a very interesting conversation.  Quality over quantity is key.

4.  Planning out your whole future before even meeting.

Don’t suggest a list of dates that you simply must go on.  This is not only creepy, but puts unwarranted pressure on a woman who has yet to even go on a first date with you.  Take things slow and let the dating process evolve naturally.

5.  Writing a book.

Emails should be fairly basic and too the point.  While it is ok for them to expand in length over time, we still want to avoid writing massive paragraphs of epic proportions.   This comes across as trying way too hard, and women will begin to wonder, “doesn’t he have anything better to do than sit here and write these massive emails?”

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