The Numbers Game: How to Date 8 Women in 4 Weeks [5 Strategies]

dating women strategy
dating women strategy

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein

How many dates did you go on last month?

Did any of those dates hold any promise whatsoever for a future relationship?

If the answers are “Well…umm…I think one or two dates” and “Hell no!” then this post is for you.

Dating multiple women helps you get a better idea of what you want. And let’s be honest, part of the fun is in the search. Unless you change things up and do things a little differently once in a while you’ll end up spinning your wheels and never really get any closer to finding your really great match.


Well, the single best way I have discovered to build dating momentum is to date a number of women in a very short period of time. This post will show you exactly how to date eight women in four weeks.

1. Set Up Back-to-Back Dates

The key to dating success is building momentum. One or two dates a month is simply not going to cut it. Imagine a Major League baseball player who only takes batting practice once or twice a month then expects to hit it out of the park during each at-bat of a regular season game.

Good luck, right?

Here’s one simple strategy you can use right away to multiply the amount of dates you go on: set-up back-to-back dates on the same day. Some guys think each date has to be an expensive affair but there are lots of budget-friendly date ideas out there that don't have to break your wallet.

The goal here is eight dates a month. All eight don’t need to be on separate days. For example, you can easily designate one day a week for the next four weeks as your ‘date night.' Flash forward four weeks and you’ve hit the eight-date target.

2. Automate Messaging

One of the challenges of online dating is that there are only a select number of highly attractive women that are targeted by a large percentage of men participating on the site. For women, this is an excellent scenario. For men, not so much.

So, the question is, how you can turn the tables and put the numbers in your favor? One way is to set a minimum number of outreaches per day. Remember, your goal is eight dates so start with a modest list of five outreaches per day, gauge the response rate and adjust accordingly.

Please, don’t be overly picky at this stage. The idea here is to get you out of the house, practicing your dating skills and building momentum so that when you meet that potential great match, you’re warmed up and ready to go!

3. Run a Craigslist Contest

I know, I know, Craigslist – sounds scammy and potentially unsafe. Well, bear with me for a minute…

Set up a contest based post under the Personals section of the city you live in. Your post will say that you’re having a contest where the winner gets to go out on a date with you to a hot event in town — could be a concert, sporting event, etc. To ‘win,' replies must include a reason as to why you should pick them to go with you along with their recent photo.

This will definitely get you some replies and help toward hitting the target of eight dates. And, who knows — it’s so far off the beaten path it might just turn into something good!

4. Expand Your Route

Humans are creatures of habit.

You probably get up everyday at the same time. Leave for work at the same time. Talk to the same people. You get the idea.

Well, one way to break out of this is to expand your route. A new food truck in town that’s slightly out of your way? Check it out! Sale at a shoe store during your lunch break? Check it out!

By expanding your route, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. You give yourself a chance to meet a number of different people including single and available women.

The key with this idea is to test for interest everywhere you go. Everywhere. Take the initiative to say hello and if the conversation begins to flow between you and a woman, don’t hesitate to ask for her number. An effective line I’ve used in the past is ‘Hey, I know this is kind of forward, but I enjoyed talking with you. I have to run but give me your number and I’ll take you out sometime.’

Confidence is attractive and this approach has the power to really set a nice tone along with having that romantic/fate feel rolled into it that women love.

5. Join a Group or Team

This idea is not new but it remains a great way to meet new people and potential dates. This classic idea has improved in recent years with the launch of other websites and businesses that cater exclusively to the singles market without being a speed dating type set-up.

There are a number of different groups out there to match your interest from and various local recreation leagues to name just a few.

What Next?

So, how can you use this post to help you? Here are a few things I recommend:

  • Set a target amount of dates you want to go on over the next four weeks. I like eight because an average of two per week is very doable.
  • Pick two of the strategies above.
  • Commit to taking action and getting to your goal. This might mean putting it on your ‘To Do‘ list or setting aside 15-30 minutes each day.
  • Take action and I promise you will see results. Not only will you see results, but you’ll have a four week stretch of new experiences, build momentum and who knows — maybe even find your really great match!

Thanks for reading. Please share this article if you enjoyed it.

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Tom Ewer is an experienced online dater and a contributor to Free Online Dating Advice, a blog dedicated to helping you find the perfect partner.

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  1. Good Stuff, Tom!!

    I agree with most of the stuff here, except for the thing about the CL contest. Really? Pretty sure the Personals section are full of bots and carnies. Just sayin.

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