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Is Valentine’s Day Too Much Pressure For A New Relationship?

You’re in an amazing new relationship and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s like the giant elephant in the room and no one wants to bother him. Whether you’re in a brand new relationship—having only been on a...

/ February 11, 2016

6 Tips to Make Her Valentine’s Day Perfect

Cards, a dozen roses, jewelry, chocolate, gourmet dinners–these are all things that men are generally told they need to shell out for their significant others on Valentine’s Day…but do women really expect that? A new survey, released by international online...

/ February 13, 2015

Six Apps to Help Strengthen Your Long Distance Relationship

Soon it will be Valentine’s Day, the holiday devoted to celebrating and affirming love. For many couples, this means candlelit dinners out, movies in, or romantic trips for two.  Couples in long-distance relationships, however, are not always as lucky. Sound...

/ February 23, 2014

3 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Win Your Valentine’s Heart

  Whether you’ve just started seeing someone or have been dating for a while, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do something special for your significant other.  With just a bit of creativity, you can give your date a...

/ February 10, 2014

Romantic Destination for a Valentine’s Day Like No Other

 The new year is well under way and Christmas is all but a distant memory, which means only one thing: Valentine’s Day is almost upon us once more. That’s right, the day for lovers hits again on 14th February and...

/ January 18, 2014
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Why Does Valentine’s Day Always Suck The Day After?

Alright, so you’ve made some great plans with your significant other for Valentine’s Day. They suit your dating style and personality perfectly. You go on the date, have a wonderful time, you exchange sweet gifts with them, and you probably...

/ February 16, 2013
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How to play out the perfect first date on Valentine’s Day

Have a hot date this Valentine’s Day and looking for some advice? We interviewed dating coach, David Wygant to get the low down on what men really think on a first date. It’s completely normal to have butterflies fluttering in...

/ February 14, 2013

Low on Budget, High on Love? Design a Distinctive Date for Valentine’s Day

Candy is dandy when expressing thoughts and, as Ogden Nash quipped, liquor is quicker. But limit yourself to these prosaic choices and you throw away money instead of inspiring affection. Spending a lot isnt necessarily the direction to take on...

/ February 3, 2013