Sandy Was a Big Ol’ Bitch and What to Do About It!

Sandy is a Bitch
Sandy is a Bitch
She's a big ol' Bitch, that Sandy!

Hey everyone! I hope the majority of you had a great weekend. I know mine was especially busy. I know that for my former partner in blog, Miss Taylor Cast, along with my other friends in NYC and the surrounding area things have been tough. I can't begin to imagine the devastation and the hard work that has been doing on as a result of what Sandy wrought upon the populace.

Needless to say, there are few words that could describe what everyone is going through.

So while I sit on my fat ass on the West Coast, I knew I needed to do something. A call on Facebook did very little. So I'm posting here to implore people to DO SOMETHING in the wake of this storm. Help a friend out, or a complete stranger. Shit. Something can and should be done.

How You Can Help

My good buddy, Jack From Brooklyn, opened a distillery in Red Hook last May; that Sandy fucked it up pretty good. Here's a blurb from him and how you can help him. He's a great guy and an upstart business man. I've already helped out:

As many of you know, our distillery was decimated by hurricane Sandy. In addition to applying FEMA disaster relief, we've established a crowd-funding page, which allows us to accept donations directly.

Please help us recover from this disaster. If you can't donate, please share this link with your friends:


Many thanks,

From my dear friend, Taylor Cast:

New Yorker or not, you can help out the tri-state area by volunteering or donating to one of these organizations. Where and how to donate

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