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Anyone that knows me knows the following:  1. I will throw a puppy into the sun if I'm having a bad day. 2. I smell of coriander and elderberries. 3. I heart TECH! I'm able to weave each of these interesting bits of myself into the Urban Dater, especially where it concerns technology.

How About We takes a different approach to the online dating game with the primary. The approach? Getting people offline! What a novel concept!!

I was asked to take a look at HowAboutWe... and see how their website jives with me. I was particularly skeptical at first. Primarily because I know that innovation in many popular dating websites is fairly stagnant. I thought OkCupid had something worthwhile, but they really don't; they're just like every other dating site out there.

That said, I wanted to see how it is that they achieve this whole dating offline jig, so I signed up to get a closer look.

Go on more datesHowAboutWe's sign-up Process

First off the sign-up process is lean and to the point. In other words you're not posed with answering these long surveys about who you are, where you came from and what you want to be when you grow up. Totally a breath of fresh air. You wanna know what I hate more than a person who wusses out at the Special #2 challenge at Orochan Ramen? A person who writes a 1200 word dissertation on their life, why their interesting and why I'd want to date them!!

The questions you answer are things that I'd actually want to know about other people. Go figure.

The Look and Feel

Aesthetically speaking, I love the look of the site. It's fairly neutral, but most of all it's clean and free of annoying ads. As a web developer, this is the sort of UI we strive to achieve when we build a new site. How About We appears to have taken great care to make their site simple, easy to use with an eye toward usability and clarity. That is, it's very easy to find what you want on the site. Which leads me to…

HowAboutWe… Find an Interesting Date

There's a large emphasis on doing interesting things on your date. I think that focus is what makes ‘How About We…' shine. Everyone can post date ideas and other users can show their approval for the data, thus, it really makes it easy to find like-minded people to do something interesting. Don't believe me? Here's a few dates that really stick out to me:

  1. Donate blood and reward ourselves with a burger afterward
  2. Have a couple of pumpkin beers now that it's socially acceptable
  3. Rent a convertible for the day and drive around the town with the top down.
I mean, these may be very simple ideas, but they're cool and fun things to do that don't require a huge commitment  out of one's day. I love it.

Other Bells and Whistles

The Speed Date and Daily Dates features are fun. Using the Speed Date feature is a good way to scan through other members quickly, helping you find people you may have something in common with. The Daily Date feature is similar to OkCupid's ‘Quiver' feature. I'm not sure how the Daily Dates are selected, if there's an algorithm that assists or not I don't know. But it's yet one other way to find and interact with other like-minded singles.
If nothing else, How About We… really excels in getting people to think about fun things to do and helps them find people who'd like to do those same fun things. It seems as though they really listened to what people wanted from an online dating service, then they went and built it.  It's a concept that is difficult to explain, but when you see it executed as it has been on their site, HowAboutWe… has definitely raised the bar on Online Dating by simply taking things offline.

Wait! There's More!!

Definitely check them out! For readers of the Urban Dater, HowAboutWe.com is offering a one month free trial to our readers and followers. When promoting this special offer, the discount code that must be included is: “FallDating”  

This review was sponsored by How About We… You can read about our legal and disclosure statement here.

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Alex is the founder and managing editor at the Urban Dater. Alex also runs: DigiSavvy, for which he is the co-founder and Principal. Alex has a lot on his mind. Will he ever get it right? If he does, he'll be sure to write.

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  1. Howaboutwe.com is a great idea but suffers from poor management and execution. They are presently being over run by fake profiles and the resultant spam. Yet, they are doing nothing to communicate that they are aware of this issue and working to rectify it. They run the site like a dictatorship and their actions are indicative of people who have very little regard for their customers…not the best business model..lol

    Additionally, they intentionally leave out important fields like “Body Type, Marriage & Children status. They also spam you if you cancel or take a break from the service..continual “This beautiful woman looked at your profile”..lol. Very very annoying and obvious ploy to get you to sign up again.

    Do you see a common thread in their actions?…no regard for their client or their intelligence.

    So, although I like the idea I’ve cancelled my membership and am looking elsewhere. Get ready for the fake “look who’s been checking you out recently emails….lol

  2. Please do not advertise this dating service. Today I learned from my bank that my account was hacked through howaboutwe.com’s site. They have done nothing to inform their clients about this breach in security. You can’t even locate a phone number to file a complaint. They give you the options of email or regular mail delivery. I am highly disappointed and I hope you too share in this disappointment.

  3. the trouble with all dating sites there is dialogue ,but when it comes to actually meeting someone or getting their phone numbers it never happens …? and how many times I have set up dates and the date conviently never shows up…? I think they are all money marketing tools to extort you money from you while pulling on you emotions

  4. With all this advice, I am starting to get seriously confused.
    Its daunting enough going on a date – now to have to contend with being witty and catchy online too …
    Might we have gotten to a place where there are just too many options out there – and thus we are all a bit too picky?

    1. Dear, the information age has left us spoilt for choice, for sure. I actually agree with you. Because there are so many options, it’s hard to make am ove because you’re always wondering if something better is right around the corner.

  5. Very disappointed. When you get a “deal” through this website you automatically get subscribed to a monthly fee for their standard “6 month” option.
    What’s even worse: they have NO PHONE NUMBER for customer support. Repeated emails elicits no response whatsoever.

    Big thumbs down, will not be using this website again.

  6. I agree. I bought s Lifebooker deal and see no place to include voucher number. I emailed HAW yhred times with no response. Based in what I read here, will ask PayPal for my money back.

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