Shopping with Your Girlfriend: A Survival Guide for Men

One thing that men dread, when it comes to their beloved woman’s wardrobe needs, is shopping. Shopping usually requires a whole lot of patience but not a lot of fun got men. Women on the other hand make shopping into an artistic expression that is experienced as an exhilarating transformation, which is a process to participate in and reap its benefits later. There are ways to make her shopping experience yours too.

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Plan Your Shopping Experience

A shopping trip can be planned in a way that benefits both you and her. Writing a shopping list can clarify what she really needs and save you from a hopeless never ending journey of lust for items she will never wear. This list should also have items unrelated to fashion so the shopping process can be broken down to different stages so an hour of utility shopping can be implemented in the shopping mayhem.

Choose Unisex Stores

There are frankly shopping malls or stores with both mens – and womenswear, which is ideally where you would want to go. This way you go to the stores/departments you are interested in you are not only separated for a while, but you also have the option to simply sit down and relax or test a video game that you were planning on buying anyway.

Bring Utilities

There are so many utilities that can help survive such a shopping trip. For instance, bringing an iPod and having some headphones is a great idea when your girlfriend wonders into a huge shopping mall with never ending isles and rows of clothing. Girls usually don’t mind walking around looking for clothes alone as long as they can get a relatively honest opinion when they need it, so listening to music and audio books can be a great way to kill time. Smartphones are usually a great utility, as they also have games on them along with internet access.

Set A Timeframe

After planning a shopping timeline, set a timeframe by for instance planning either lunch, or better yet a dinner appointment or a movie date. This not only limits the time spent on shopping, but is also a positive reminder for her to look forward to.

Enjoy Your Time Together

Most women want their men to come along because they appreciate the input, effort, and the company, so take advantage of this knowledge and make her happy. She will be keen on making you happy in return by preparing your favorite meal or maybe even putting up with your friends and your football fetish. Moreover, as you are getting to know what she likes, view the shopping experience as foreplay or even an inspiration for gift ideas.

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