Top 10 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex BackMost of the people who go through a break up don’t have proper ideas about how to get their ex back. So sometimes they do things that just push them away from their ex. That’s why in many cases they can’t get together even they want to.

If you are just gone through a break up and now want your ex back, here are top 10 ways to get your ex back:

1. Give your ex some space:

The first and most important rule is “don’t call or meet your ex in a month after the happening”. Both of you need some time to cope with the situation. Keep in mind that you two have gone through a break up and your ex is probably irritated. So if you try to communicate so soon, it will get worse.

2. Rely on your close people:

Don’t push yourself away from your close friends and family member. You can get some real help from them. Share your feelings with them. This will prevent you to do something foolish. They will surely help you to cope with the situation and make the right decision. Can’t leave behind the pain of break up? Go out with friends, enjoy their company. You will surely feel better.

3. Prepare yourself for the challenge:

Getting back your ex is the most challenging fact for you now. So get prepared to face it. Don’t just live with sorrows. This is not going to help. Do self care and get better than ever. Get fit and be conscious about your outlook. This will increase your self esteem. Picture your ex’s reaction after seeing you so great and perfect. Make your ex feel sorry for not being with you.

4. Go for slight contact:

After sometime, you can start with a casual text like “how are you”. This will remind him/her of you. No call, no meet, you can write casual things at Facebook but not at public.

5. Don’t try to play games:

This often happens that one date with new people just to make his/her ex jealous. Guess what this is not good for you. This will make your ex think that breaking up with you was the right choice. So avoid this type of games.

6. Don’t push your ex to come back:

Giving your ex endless calls and texts, begging for coming back- these can’t actually do any good. It just irritates your ex little more. Better is show respect to his/her decision. This creates a good impression on your partner.

7. Give causes to think about you again:

Prove yourself to your ex that you have changed and you’re willing to fix all problems. Start with simple matters like leave those attitudes what your partner didn’t like. Be the nice one and show the result.

8. Don’t speak anything stupid:

Don’t say anything that will air up the fire. Think before doing anything. Don’t talk anything negative about your ex to his/her friends and family. Show that you still respect your ex.

9. Go for an apology:

At this step you can go for an apology. Apologize for your mistakes and make your partner believe that it comes from your heart. Probably in that case, you will get an apology from your ex too.

10. Express your interest:

This is the final step to get your ex back. Let your ex know that you still love him/her and want to set up everything so that you two can get together again. This part can be a little tough. So make a super plan about how you should express your feelings to your ex partner.


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Alex J. Stevenson is a relationship expert and a dating coach. He has been helping desperate men to improve their dating life for last couple of years.


  1. says

    I like what you say about leaning on your family and friends. If a break up happens it can be very hard to go through it alone. There is hope when a break up happens. Some look at it as a new beginning others may see an end. What ever you do hold your head high.There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    • says

      Yes, you are right Rod. One should tries one’s best to get one’s ex back. If he gets his ex back, then that’s fine. But if he doesn’t get his ex back then probably there will be someone better who is waiting for him.

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