How To Woo A Woman

how to woo a woman
how to woo a woman

How to woo a woman varies for person to person. Some are easily wooed while others require patience and, I’m sad to say, money. Not all women are that self-centered however and generally wooing is easy and quite cheap.

It is important to understand that most women think with their emotions while their male counterparts operate physically. This is the reason more women cry in sad movies than guys. It is also the reason men a considered by some women as insensitive. So, if you understand that women have “feelings”, make use of those feelings to woo her. Let’s look at some wooing techniques.

#1. Flowers and gifts are great and will make her happy for a short time –

Don’t let yourself get talked into buying unnecessary luxury items in an effort to woo her. Gifts should be given on special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. If a woman expects you to present her with gifts constantly, then it is time you looked for someone else.

Wooing a woman should be touching her heart not pandering to her every whim. Writing love letters poems and doing other creative things will endear her more to you in the long run. She’ll feel that she is able to “touch” your feelings and this will eventually, bring her more pleasure than an expensive T-shirt.

#2. Romantic evenings are a must when wooing a woman –

To feel like a princess for an evening mentally transfers her back to her childhood. You can spoil her. A candle lit dinner in a posh restaurant will make her feel like she is in some sort of idyllic dream. If there is live music in the restaurant, find out if the band can play the music she often listens to.

It doesn’t have to be her favorite it just has to be music that she knows and enjoys. Music, as you know, sparks memories and with these memories again fresh in her mind she will feel wooed. Following a romantic dinner take her to a place where there is a view.

The top of a building where she can gaze upon the colors of a city far below or to a beach and let her wad through ankle deep water and feeling the coolness of the sea sooth her tired feet. As you walk with her tell her a love story – if you don’t have one, make one up; use your imagination.

#3. Complimenting her often is one of the best ways of wooing a woman –

It is also the oldest. Everyone, women especially, love being complimented. It doesn’t matter whether it is just flattery or whether you’re speaking from the heart. The point is you’ve made an effort to make her feel good and this is what she should appreciate more than the words.

She’ll joke that your words are flattery but in reality she is very happy. Finally, when you’re alone together some place and the time is right, take her in your arms, whisper in her ear how much she means to you then let things happen naturally.

The above three points are, what I believe, to be the best ways to woo a woman and get her to like you more. Make her feel she is a queen in a castle you have built. You have given her your riches of love, understanding and patience and she in turn gives you hers.

And, if at some point, you marry this angel of grace, hold on to those same riches and your life will gather pace. How to woo a woman depends entirely on how far a man is prepared to go. I, myself, am prepared to go all the way.

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Alex J. Stevenson is a relationship expert and a dating coach. He has been helping desperate men to improve their dating life for last couple of years.

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