Certain Men That Women Avoid While Dating

Via - the Free Repbulic - http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/chat/3033699/posts?page=21
Via – the Free Repbulic – http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/chat/3033699/posts?page=21

Every woman seeks to find out something unique and exceptional about the man that she’s currently dating. This is usually done in the initial phases of a ‘relationship’ when a woman is still trying to gauge a man’s behavior and personality and carious other things that she first wants to investigate before giving the green signal. While you’re on the job, here are some helpful tips you should know regarding certain men that women avoid while dating:

Yesteryear Casanova

These guys love to live in the past where they claim to be a Casanova and cling on to those glorious college days where life was easy and fun and when there was zero responsibility. It could be quite manageable for a woman to put up with a guy like this for the first date and no more than that. These men are found to be still caught up in their adolescent days and are to be definitely avoided as they lack serious commitment and refrain to think about the present life. Without thinking twice, such men are to be thoroughly avoided and kept at a very far distance.

Guy with a Roving-Eye


Ladies, stay far away from these guys as they will always to an extreme flirt and can never be faithful to you. Every other second, these guys just can’t control themselves from staring or passing glances at other women around them. Don’t be surprised if he happens to wink his eyes a couple of times and make up some lame reason for doing so. These traits are too distracting and definitely sure traits to be avoided in a man.


Identifying the cheapskate attitude in the man you’re currently dating is not difficult and it just takes a meeting or two to know them. These guys are downright miserly no matter how much they earn and think many times to spend on something. For instance, imagine hanging out with a guy who drives about 20 blocks away just to save some peanuts on parking or a guy who takes you on a date at the cost of some cheap coupons.

The Gadget-freak

These guys are to be downright avoided as they are always attached, attracted and permanently stuck to their gadgets, no matter how much you try to capture their attention. These guys are nothing but grown-up kids who are still fascinated about their latest video games and women just can’t stand such people, no matter how successful or attractive they might be.

So ladies, now that you are aware of the kind of men you need to stay away from, next time you pick someone, always stay on guard and alert and do the filtering process at a much earlier phase to save the embarrassment and guilt.

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