Five Fashion Accessories For Men


Men are simple, simple things. It's this simple-mindedness that makes them hard to buy a gift for. One often over looked gift to get for any man are accessories. Jewelry in particular. Say what? Yeah, I said the jewels, baby. I see more and more fan “upping” their fashion game by wearing some extra ‘swag' and adding much needed panache to an otherwise dull wardrobe. What do I mean by that? There's a variety of jewelry and accessories one could get for a man as a gift and he'd do the dishes for a month, take out the garbage, watch the kids, dine at the Y and all that other stuff you need “taken care of.” 

That said, here are my men's jewelry/accessory picks…


The trend of wearing cufflinks started in the early 16th century and its use was popularized during the reign of Louis XIV. While not as mainstream as they once were, Cufflinks still add the “cherry on top” for Mens' fashion. It's a true detail-oriented accessory that sets off a great suit. If you guy these for your man, make sure that they have a dress shirt (preferably one with French Cuffs) to sport those awesome cufflinks with. Some common cufflinks are the polo check cufflinks, stainless steel rectangle cufflinks, novelty cufflinks, traditional cufflinks, modern cufflinks, utility cufflinks and comical cufflinks.


Whether it is engagement rings or rings embedded with birth stones, gifting any kind of a ring is a thoughtful gesture. A man needn't always wear just an engagement ring there are many other interesting types of rings he can wear such as love knots, high school rings and traditional rings. Available in various metals such as silver, gold, platinum and titanium a ring can make a lasting style statement. It is important to invest in rings carved out of durable materials with a sturdy design, as then men wouldn't need to worry about breaking a precious ring while playing sports or when they have to undertake a strenuous activity.



Not to be confused with a Pimp Chain or just a metal chain, Men and women both have been known to wear neck pieces made from natural materials. For a casual and fashionable look, men can experiment with dog chains or adorn customized thick chains. For a more formal look, a nice thin gold or silver chain looks great. Men also wear chains as a belt for a unique and different look. This idea works best on a three piece suit. Do check out the various kinds of chains of many brands available online on websites such as Gerard online. There are many impressive jewelry sets regularly in their collection.


The mother fucking watch. It's the one piece of jewelry a man should have; and because of that it's the on accessory you don't want to fuck up. Ladies, if you're worth your weight in bon bons then get your man a fucking watch. No, not one of those Invicta pieces of shit either. A real honest to goodness watch. A legit watch will cost you around one grand to start… That said, there ARE a lot of options where you can find a watch from $150 to $400 that is good quality and looks more expensive than it really is… Obviously there are different watches for different occasions, so choose wisely. A good rule of thumb is to think about what sort of “adventurer” your man is. Are they a hunter? Are they smooth? Do they like nice things? Do they tinker much with their hands (not on  your body, by the way)? Also bear in mind what sorts of venues your man goes to regularly. Office? Offices meetings with clients? The hospital? Get something that will accompany him well.


A fairly new addition to the male fashion world, bracelets are the kind of accessory men can experiment a lot with. The popularity of bracelets has grown several manifold. Colorful and unmatched bracelets have been seen on the hands of many celebrities but Johnny Depp is a man who has certainly popularized them the most. Bracelets add a rugged appeal to a man’s attire. A simple silver bracelet itself can light up a dull outfit. Whereas, leather bracelets can be worn by men who don’t like wear the usual choices of gold, silver or multi colored bracelets. Some bracelets have metals and leather put together to create a fascinating and unique design. These bracelets suit all kinds of attire too. So, choose whatever style best suits your man’s taste.

Armed with this knowledge, get out there and buy your man something awesome. Do eet!

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