How to Make a Glam Dinner at Home Just for The Two of You

You know how when you hit a certain age you don’t find going out with your friends and partying all night interesting anymore. Well, you kinda do, but you always think about the morning after and you simply become too tired to do that as you would rather stay at home, watching a movie, or having a dinner with the people that you love. And what about the romantic situations where you, also, do not have the energy to go out but you would rather stay at home and do something interesting? Well, then this is a great idea for you and your partner to spend a quiet romantic night with some food and some wine. But how to make a glam dinner for the two of you in the comfort of your own home? Take a look at some of the tips and you will most definitely have a better dinner party than at the most luxurious restaurant.

What to cook?

It might be unusual that we are immediately starting with this, but this is definitely something you need to prepare beforehand. Cooking always comes before dressing up, so think about what you want to be featured on your glam dinner table. You need to have an appetizer, a main course and a dessert – if you don’t organize it like this, hardly will it be called a “glam” dinner. The appetizers are very fun and easy to make – you can always go with some types of finger food that you can order from somewhere, or if you really want to make them by yourself, you can find recipes for very easy and cheap canapés or soups. As far as the main course is concerned, this is where your job starts. Make sure to find something that you have never made before, because you want this to be a special night. In order to master your cooking skills for this course in particular, it would be a good idea to try it out with your friend a couple of days or weeks before, just to make it a bit more perfect. Of course, you can also opt for something easier, but do not make it something that is already seen. The dessert can also be ordered from a sweets shop or a similar place as after all, you want to enjoy freshly made cakes or chocolates as well. Just feature a bottle of good wine or whiskey and you are good to go!

How to dress?

Now, let us talk about your attire for a second. If this is a glam dinner, then it means that you have a reason for celebration. This is why the best option would be to make him dress up (a suit if possible; looking dapper at home while eating is quite sexy!), and you can opt to get one of the many stylish cocktail dresses that you can find on the market. Having a new dress is a great way to boost your confidence and make your dinner even more relaxing, interesting and special. Put on some makeup, show off what you got and make him fall in love with you again. After all, this should be the mutual goal of the both of you. 

How to decorate?

Since this is not a Xmas party, nor is it Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to go very big on the decorations. However, every special moment spent with the person you love should ask for certain decorations. You can never go wrong with high-quality China that you will take out of the kitchen, nice glasses, a good and expensive bottle of wine or champagne, and of course – a lot of flowers. Even though it might seem that your man is not a lot into flowers, you would be more than surprised to see his face once he enters a room with a dinner table and plenty of flowers across the room. Apart from that, mind the lighting. You don’t want something that is very light and bright, your lighting should be dim, or an even better option, non-existent as you will light plenty of candles instead (just be careful!)

What to do?

Finally, do not forget to incorporate some music. You want romantic, slow music that will be on repeat for the rest of the night. Do not make the mistake of putting songs that both of you know or like, as you might shift the focus on talking about how much you like the songs and singing along. Opt for instrumentals, for example, as this will boost your mood and get you something to talk about. As far as the other activities are concerned, this is not the time to plan them as you will see where the night will take you. Is it going to be a romantic night in cuddling, is it going to be laughing together while you are eating your dessert and finishing your bottle of wine, is it going to be naked under the sheets or in your pajamas in front of the Netflix? Nobody knows, and that is the beauty of it.

Good luck! This is not difficult to organize, but put a bit of effort in your cooking skills (and your choice of the dish!) and the decorations. Minimalistic, yet elegant – that is what you should strive for!

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Fiona Wood is a lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She is in love with good coffee, croissants and fashion magazines. In spare time she plays tennis and traveling around the world.

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