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Any guy can learn what to say in text to a girl. With practice, you will become experienced. And with experience you will be successful. It is as simple as that.

When you are trying to figure out what to say in text to a girl, there are some major things you have to consider. These are:

-When and where did you meet the girl?

-What kind of girl is she?

-How does she respond to your first text?

When and where did you meet the girl?

When and where you met the girl could have an influence on what you should say to her in a text message. Did you meet her at a club or a bar? Was it at a random coffee shop? Was it a social or formal event?

If you did meet in a coffee shop then you could talk about something relating to it, so that she will be able to remember. Adding humour would help break the ice and make the text seem more natural and authentic.

Example- “Hey Lili! It's [Your Name], the guy who saw you almost spill all your coffee into your purse 🙂 How you doing?”

It is important to make sure she knows exactly who it is that is texting her, especially if it is for the first time. Talking about memories and asking questions will defiantly help jump start her memory.

What kind of girl is she?

You also have to consider what type of girl she is and what she likes to do. Is she girl who likes to party all-night, or does she like to get stuck in reading novels with a blanket and cup of hot chocolate? Is she athletic and like sports? Is she family orientated?

For example if you knew she was a devoted sports fan you could say:

“Hey Nina! I just heard that [Team Name] just won the championship. All of the fans are going crazy. I bet you're so happy :)”

Engaging and talking about something that she is interested in is always a good way to text a girl, and will always get some sort of response. Make sure that you are genuinely interested in the topic you decide to talk about, and that you have some knowledge in it as well.

How does she respond to your texts?

How she respond to your first text will give you a great insight into how she feels about you, and also what you could say next. Does she reply quickly or does she take her time? Are her texts long and descriptive or short and shallow? You must compare and contrast it to the type of person she is, as this would defiantly influence her texts.

Example #1:

You: “Hey Lisa! How you doing?

Lisa(Busy, Career girl)- “Fine thanks and you?”

Example #2:

You: “Hey Lisa! Sorry if you're busy, was just wondering how you were doing?

Lisa(Busy, Career girl)- “Hey [your name]! I've been really busy lately, but I'm fine thanks for asking and you? xx”

Example #1 shows a response from a girl who tends to be busy and has responded to the text with a simple and short sentence. Example #2, on the other hand, goes into detail about her situation and she even mentions your name. It is clear that the same girl has a closer bond to the person in the second example.

When you receive more detailed texts from the girl, it is always a sign that she is interested in you, which means that it will be much easier to respond, without having to think too much into it.

Most men find it very difficult to know what to text a girl they like. But this is not that difficult. Just follow these simple advices and you will be able to text any girl you like.

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Alex J. Stevenson is a relationship expert and a dating coach. He has been helping desperate men to improve their dating life for last couple of years.

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  1. Great advice! Sometimes guys really don’t know what to say when it comes to texting. It really a turns off when a guy just keep texting you with no sense of all. It is important to understand what approach of texting.

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