does age matterDating and online relationships have attained new heights with the massive proliferation of online dating sites. With divorce rates on the high, we find more and more singles, both women and men over 50 years of age, feeling free to date with people over a wide age range. The question remains whether or not it is okay to hook up with someone who is a decade or two younger to you which boils down to the next question if age really matters when you date someone. Below mentioned are a few pointers which indicate the benefits as well as the downsides of dating older men or women:

Dating Older Men

One often wonders as to how young and beautiful women prefer ending up with older men as if the world lacks young men. Probing further actually reveals quite a lot of benefits that indicate that older men are no less in terms of charming younger women and sweeping them off their feet. Read on to find out why:

  • Financial Security and Emotional Stability–when it comes to maturity, older men seem to have more experience and ability to understand and act as a guide to their women.
  • They might not be as enchanting in their looks like that of a boy band, but they definitely reflect the true sense of manliness in various aspects.
  • Older men already have established careers which mean that women need not worry about being financially insecure.
  • When it comes to having fun and adventure, older men might not be the ideal choice, but when it comes to happiness and long lasting satisfaction, they are more focused and matured.

Dating Older Women

There are a whole lot of benefits of dating older women when compared to younger women as they the former are known to be more emotionally stable and financially independent and they definitely don’t mess up with you and make you go crazy. Here are some surprising facts that support this query:

  • Dating an older woman seems to be quite an enriching experience as they seem to more ambitious and energetic as they have lived life more and have an extensive experience of dealing with various things.
  • They never beat around the bush like the younger ones do and they are more specific and more confident of things.
  • Older women are more independent and are never a parasite and what can be a better stress buster than this for a man. This actually takes away half of their burden in supporting a relationship.
  • Maturity is the most crucial benefit of dating older women as they actually know the value of appreciating things.

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