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getting over an ex

(takes deep breath) Here goes… It goes without saying that getting over a breakup isn't easy. There's some good advice out there on how to proceed. Recently, Tripp, posted an awesome article on the topic.  I suppose since he has gone and done all the hard work I could be done with it… But since I am naturally a poo poo head and a generally dumb individual I'm going to provide my insights here.

Since I've been writing on this topic… like, a lot, I figure I'd share what's gone on… But I don't feel like it. Instead, I'm going to share this video that my former partner-in-blog, Taylor Cast, sent me the other day. These two rather unfortunately looking nincompoops may be the only couple to breakup that have an actually dance. Freaking heck!

^ That video sums it up pretty nicely. I would be playing the part of the gal with no personality and bad eye makeup… Oddly, I currently enjoy and employ both of these traits in my day-to-day life. Whatever. Don't judge me, you awful people!!

So how do you move on?

  • As Tripp said in his article, the worst thing to do is to keep to yourself. You do the opposite. You keep yourself out there and have fun. Make time for your friends and with your old friends you lost touch with. This has been hard for me, because many times I wouldn't feel like doing anything but staying home, eating fist fulls of beef while watching Bridesmaids so I can see John Hamm be a really unscrupulous individual to Kristen Wiig.
  • I disagree with the cutting of contact completely. If it's not necessary and you guys ended “neatly” there is no need. I would agree that seeing and contacting your ex often will be problematic and make it difficult for each of you to get on with life. This is a delicate balance, but it can be struck. Be patient and give it time and be understanding. It's all one can do. My ex is an awesome person. I'd like to keep her in my life in some capacity. I hope she feels the same. This is not a case of saving something for a rainy day, folks
  • Getting under someone to get over someone is a truth. While hitting a home run helps, it's not an absolute. YOu can just go out and meet new people, have fun and keep your mind from wandering and keep busy. That's what meeting new people can do. It keeps you social and sharpens your skills of flirting and seduction.
  • Fill your time with other pursuits. One thing that has helped me, has been that  I'm a running coach. Having to think about training and my runners has been a  god-send for me.

I wouldn't say I'm “there” yet, but I'm near-close and that's good enough right now.

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