Five Things Clueless Guys Forget on a First Date


Although clueless men may want to trust their instincts about woman wooing, it’s a better idea to get some advice from an actual woman. Women don’t expect a first date out of a fairytale, but we do expect that you make an effort.

Thinking of wearing that old wife-beater tank top? Think again.

If you don’t know what to wear, go for a well put together look with a button-up shirt and jeans (preferably without holes or stains). Who knows, this might even give you the boost of confidence you need to ace the dreaded first date.

Bring her flowers or a token of your affection.

This may sound old fashioned and outdated, but this will start things out with a marvelous first impression. Even a simple bouquet will make her feel special and set you apart from the losers. Different types of flowers send different messages, but don’t worry about that for now.

Go with your gut – the gift you pick will say something about you and set the tone for the rest of the date. If flowers really aren’t your style you could always opt for one of the edible creations from ProFlowers. Women love sweets and an opportunity to share dessert with someone.

Be yourself.

Even if you did change out of that greasy tank to a date-worthy button-up, don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Keep the conversation honest and light hearted.  This obvious truth will help the date immeasurably while allowing the two of you to figure out whether you actually have chemistry. Putting on a show for your date will only stop the two of you from connecting in a natural way.

Don’t push it if she declines your offer to pay.

Some dating experts will emphasize the importance of men paying for a woman on a first date, but I’m here to say that this advice is misleading. It is best to politely offer to pay for the date because a lot of women really appreciate it. If she declines on the other hand, this is not you’re your chance for you to insist on showing that you are responsible or boyfriend material. Get a feel for the situation by bringing up the subject casually before the time comes to pay the bill.

Say goodnight and go on your way.

Not expecting to get a goodnight kiss will avoid an extremely awkward situation at the end of the date. Let go of any expectations and again, keep it natural and light. Kiss somebody because you are drawn to be closer to that person. This should happen naturally if the chemistry is right, just remember to bring some mints.

With these five things in the back of your now brilliant mind, have fun! With a nice outfit, flowers, and an honest mindset you both will have a great time.

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Megan Everett is a 24 year old, self-proclaimed "relationship" expert and environmental activist. She enjoys hiking and spending time with her family.

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  1. Have to disagree with a Flower on the first date. Most women think it’s “too much, too soon” and are often put off. 2nd or 3rd date perhaps.

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