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the Urban Dater Podcast Numero 3

Yep. Finally. Not that any of you were really looking for another podcast, but needless to say, it's here and it's ready to make your ears bleed. Can you stand it? Probably not. Regardless, at the Urban Dater we know...

/ January 23, 2012
Just another night for Alex and Taylor

The Urban Dater Podcast Episode 2 Brought to You by the Bruery

Well, here we are again with our Quarterly podcast!  Actually, truth be told, Taylor and I suck for slacking on recording a new podcast. We only put one up so far. We have lots of bullshit excuses for why we...

/ April 11, 2011

Did you miss The Urban Dater on The Dating Marketplace?

Alex and Taylor pretend we are grown ups and get interviewed by The Dating Marketplace

/ March 14, 2011

The Urban Dater's First Podcast… Awww.

Hear ye, hear ye muthafuckaaaaas! Here is our first podcast everyone! It's been a long time coming and, really, the first time we've been sober enough to sit down and complete something…even though we didn't stay sober. So please, please...

/ February 14, 2011