Food Truck Date Ideas in Los Angeles

Not only do they serve good food, but they also double as a creeper van

Food trucks are all the rage these days. I remember food trucks when they just blared their horns and we hear ‘La Cuca Racha.' I actually found a dead bug in a burrito once… I'd eaten half of it. Ok! Let's talk food!

As I said, Food Trucks are all the rage and that's a good thing! I like food trucks because they invite people to eat and congregate. That's what good is for anyway and, I'm sorry, you just don't get that at a sit down restaurant. I think that's part of what makes a food truck run fun, especially for a date.

Taking a date to food trucks is a fun idea. It's fun because it's not the usual. It's kind of an adventure, because there's a lot of spontaneity as to the location you'll end up at. I mean, sure, you can look up a Truck's Twitter and find where it will be, but, often, it may be at a place you're unfamiliar with. That could put you and your date on similar footing and if you're both unfamiliar, that's cool. I think the unknown has a way of opening people up and taking them out of their comfort zone, which can be more fun.

That said, LA runneth over the brim with tasty Food Trucks running all over the place. Below are just a few I've been to myself and I think are good for taking a date.

Like Arnold used to say: “Dessert first!” I agree with the man-kid!

Crepe'n Around

I have two favorite desserts: One are cream puffs and only those from the Chantilly Bakery in Lomita. Second? Mother effin crepes! Truth. My grandmother took me to the Portland Saturday Market and I would get those there. Still one of my fave childhood memories. Anyway, this truck is legit. They serve both savory and sweet crepes. One time they had this peanut butter, chocolate banana-cream monstrosity that was to die for. That said, the have a s'mores crepe that will give you diabetes and heaven in a single bite. Truly delectable and not a bad way to end a date. I do wish they had coffee. Last time I was there, they didn't. Not sure how you do that on a Food Truck, though.

Kogi BBQ

If you're in LA then you know this truck. Korean Mexican fusion. A single short rib taco is so full of flavor and awesome that it could probably clog the arteries of a goddamned elephant. It's that awesome. I know this is an easy one, but if you've never been, you need to go. Usually has a good solid line, so try to get to where the truck will be ahead of time, if possible. Good vibe here, lots of people and a generally good time and, if I didn't convey that the food is awesome, let me say so again. It's amazing!!! A little taco packs, like, a jazillion totally-worth-it-cause-I'm-gonna-die-anyway calories!!!

Lobsta Truck

Lobster rolls. Those are the stars of the show on this ridiculously popular truck. Lobster and crab Rolls, butter, done. This truck is simple. They do a couple of things and well, very well. I caught them out in Rowland Heights one time and waited an hour to get my hands on these tasty cockroaches of the sea and boy was it ever worth it; truly, truly. If your date is into seafood, definitely worth a trip. They make some interesting stops, too, so be sure to check em out on Twitter.

Flying Pig Truck

Pork belly tacos. Done.


These peeps apparently gained a lot of steam at Coachella and have been driving the streets hard ever since. This is a good place to take your sweetie for sweets. Ice Cream sandwiches that would do your blood sugar levels shame. Definitely one of the hot trucks around town, expect a good line, interesting names.

Honorable mention

The Buttermilk Truck

A buddy of mine came here and claimed he got a bj from his girlfriend after they ate their weight in donuts!!! Even if the part about amazing donuts is true, sans bj, I'd happily go here. I've never been; but it's been on my radar for some time. I hear that this is what Jesus's armpit smells like. Donuts and Unicorn tears aka heaven jr.

Take your date to these places for a good fun time and let us know if you have any other personal favorites.

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