How to build a strong and Loving Relationship

Relationships can be described as an emotional or other connection between two or more people. A relationship can be split into two, kinship (relationship by blood or marriage), and relationship with the outside environment, such as, at work, in school, neighborhood etc.

Whenever we mention the word relationship, what quickly come to people's mind are dating, courtship, and the likes.

It is discovered that the largest percentage of the world relationship doesn't last longer, marriages often breaks, dating crashes because of lack of simple understanding.

This article is directed at how you can build and maintain a long lasting relationship.

Build Trust in each Other

I have been privileged to attend to a lot of relationship cases, and I discovered that the largest amount of broken relationships is caused by lack of trust.

Trust is very important in a relationship, most people don't longer trust. The question I always ask is that “How can you say you love someone and you never trust the fellow?” This is an area where most people miss it, some will even go as far as having an alternative date in order to cover up in case of heartbreak. If spouses can introduce trust in their relationship, everything will just flow simple and easy.


Another tip to maintaining a last longer relationship is communication. The world is now a global village, where we have so many devices that make communication easier, why can't you tap into the new development to facilitate your relationship. Even if you resides in miles apart, the messengers, such as Skype, Facebook, Yahoo etc. has kept everybody together.

Always reach a conclusion when discussing issues

Issues left un-trashed out always leads to confusion and indecision. if you have refused to reach a compromise on an issue, you may end up stepping on each other's toes, that is why it is always good to reach an agreement which will never be breach on matters.

Go out and have fun together

The beach, cinemas, eateries, gardens are some of the places that can continue to key up your relationship life. Sitting together to watch movie at the Cinema will broaden more affection. Having fun together will trigger more love.

Make love

I am turning only to the married on this, sex is a major aspect of marriage, the more you feel yourself together, and the more you make strong your relationship. Having sex means, I surrender my whole self to you; treat me the way you want.

Feel each other's pain

Always be compassionate, you have to know whatever is going wrong with your spouse, and in turn, try to make each other happy as much as you can.

Buy Gifts

In a relationship, a school of thought said “the gift of a man maketh way for him“, this time around, not only the man, some women believe so much that gift presentation is strictly for the man, this is a wrong idea. Especially whenever you find out what your spouse love most, buy and present it, and appreciate it whenever you get a gift from your loved ones, never condemn or reject a gift even if they are not worth-while.

There are so many tips to maintain a long lasting relationship, if you are trying to take those tips as a rule of law, you will end up as a flaw. The major thing I will like you to focus on is to be simple as much as you can, be the serving one and don't expect to be served all the time, and all will just go smoothly.

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Konga Felix is a Relationship and Business counselor, he knows the importance of finances in keeping a home running, that is why he chooses www.opendoorloan.co.uk as a partner and he shows interested friends on how it works.

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