Should You Shower at Your Friend's Place if They Are of the Opposite Sex?

Inappropriate Showers
Inappropriate Showers

A discussion came up the other day. It had to do with showers. Not of the ‘golden' variety, people. Heads out of the gutter for a minute, please! I showered at a friends house not long ago, the friend is female. Now, all I did was take a shower. It's not like I was roaming the place with my cock hanging out (well, it doesn't really hang or nothing… it's kind of like a pathetic nub in the wind… You get the point, no pun intended).

Well, some people think that practice is wrong. That is, some people think it's unacceptable to be showering in another person's shower if they are of the opposite sex.

Now, I'm not a spring chicken, I know what happens when you “drop the soap.” That's all good fun, but how is taking a shower at someone else's place any different than them making you a sandwich?

You're the Judge? Is it okay or not? Vote and discuss!

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  1. I showed at a guy-friend’s house to prep for my 1st date with my now-boyfriend. I did it for two reasons: guy-friend’s place was near where I was at a party before the date & guy-friend is gay, so he’s not all that interested in staring at/groping my breasts.

  2. I showered at a female friend’s house. She has a pool and we were sunbathing all day. I didn’t want to ick up my car’s seats, so I brought a change of clothes. Nothing happened.

    A couple of weeks later she asked if I could install her new shower head. I went over to her house and swapped the old for the new. She asked if I wanted to help her try it out. Then something happened! Eight years as friends and then we have sex. And we have continued to shower together ever since.

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