How About We Go on a Date…

HowAboutWe go on a date
HowAboutWe go on a date

As you guys know, I recently did a review of How About We. I talked up the user experience and the things they do to get daters off the computer and out to a real date. All in all, it's no secret that HowAboutWe knows how to get people offline and off to a date. I signed up and I took a look at what made HowAbout We so effective at accomplishing this feat.

It's stupid simple, kids. You get people to talk about what they like to do for a fun date. If y ou make that the focus, make it social and fun, you've got a winner and that's just what HowAboutWe has done. Armed with a feature-rich dating tool, I figured I'd put this site to good use… Now, I have to tell you, I do have a girlfriend. She'd get pissed at me if I went on a date with some other woman… So what is a guy to do? You kinda sorta make your girlfriend signup, too. 

True story, my gal and I have actually remarked that we've gotten… boring. That is, we're cozy with one another and if we futz around all night, we're okay with that, not having done anything… However, we noticed there was a problem, which is why reviewing HowAboutWe was such a God send. What I mean is, we have this seemingly unlimited resource to give us ideas for things to do.

After spending some time trying to convince my gal to sign up for a dating site, “why do I need to join a $%^& dating site, I'm dating you, ya moron,” she'd say. I told her that finding a person to date wasn't the point… Finding a cool date to go on was… She had an “aha, I see what you did there” moment.

HowAboutWe… Go on a Date

So we looked and we looked and we looked through Peoples' ideas for stuff to do and honestly, the only limitation was our laziness! That is, we didn't want to drive to far to do what we wanted to do.

HowAboutWe Find a Date

We're in Pasadena, so finding this date was amazing! What did we do, then? We looked up a time for the movie Drive (go see that movie! It rocks!). With the movie in hand, at the Gold Class Cinema, we had to find a Jazz place in the area. Easily done. I'm a pretty huge Yelp fan. So I hopped on the Android (Nexus S4G, if you care to know) and found  pair of jazz joints right next to each other: Red, White + Bluez and then Point 08. Both of them serve dinner! Nice.

And we were off. We took in the movie and took a brief stroll, about fifteen minutes or so, to Point 08, for dinner and Jazz. Turns out we got there just before the Jazz band setup and were given prime seats. Our food was decent and the drinks were cheap (happened into happy hour. Huzzah!) always a plus. We notice couple guys setting up the equipment and sound and then a few minutes later two kids stroll in and get themselves setup, too. Our jazz entertainment consists of an older black man from Chicago, presumably the lead, a thirty something guy on the base from Riverside, a lanky golf-pants wearing, spectacles showing 18 year old black  kid, who's about 160lbs. sopping wet, from Watts and a white college grad from Berkeley... I don't think you could got more of a mismatch, even if you wore a tie with overalls. Needless to say, my woman and I were very, very intrigued. The Jazz was fantastic, let me tell you. I'm not an expert on Jazz, but I know what I like and these guys brought it. You'd think these guys had been playing together for years… But they hadn't. Only the bass player and the guy from Chicago had played together and then only once. But they laid it down. We had such a blast at Point 08. Now… That's how you continue to date when you're already dating.

While I know that HowAboutWe is primarily for singles, I'd say that even couples can get a lot of mileage out of it, too. In fact, I'd say that might even be a companion service for HowAboutWe to think about. Dating for people already in a relationship… Who knows.

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Note – HowAboutWe sponsored this post. You can read more about our disclosure statement here.

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  1. That's such a good idea! It's probably the only dating site that is useful for non-singles too (well, unless you count using them for cheating purposes in which case they would all be pretty useful). I'm currently single and signed up for the How About We free month trial, and although I haven't been interested in any of the guys on the site yet, a few of their date ideas have piqued my interest. Now I know I should be saving those ideas for dates with people I do actually want to go out with.

  2. I know! Right!!? I mean, it's so easy to get into a routine and just do the standard stuff over and over again. HowAboutWe is a good way to find stuff to do that breaks you out of your comfort zone.

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