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15 Fun Ideas for Dates Without Alcohol for Introverted Men

Sometimes dating as an adult can seem like everyone wants to plan a date around alcohol. However, plenty of dates without alcohol are fun and unique! Next time you ask a woman out on a date, try one of these 15 creative ideas for alcohol-free dates.

1. Plan a “food crawl” together

Perhaps you have heard of or attended a bar crawl before when groups of people get together and try to swing by every participating bar on the designated list for a drink. When you’re looking to remove alcohol from the equation, a “food crawl” sounds even better. Make finding the best pizza, wings, tacos, or any food your heart desires your mission for the evening. Create a list of contenders and try the food item you select at each restaurant, rating them on categories such as presentation, taste, and creativity before moving to the next restaurant on your list. At the end of the evening, compare the results and determine the winner!

2. Go bowling

Head to your local bowling alley with your date for a competitive game while the two of you enjoy pitchers of soda, nachos, french fries, hot dogs, and pizza. Bowling alley junk food is unmatched, and the excitement of friendly competition and arcade games bring a nostalgic feel other date spots can’t contend with.

3. Try mini golf

Similar to bowling, mini golf has a fun, juvenile nostalgic feel. Challenge each other to a round of 18 holes. The loser treats the other to ice cream! Many mini golf locations also have other types of activities like go-karts, bumper cars, and arcade games, which is a great way to extend the date if the both of you are enjoying your time together.

4. Share ice cream sundaes

Whenever your sweet tooth craving strikes, go out to enjoy some ice cream together. Splitting an ice cream sundae can be romantic and fun! You can also learn a lot about the other person by discovering more about their favorite flavor and topping preferences.

5. Find a hiking or biking trail

For a more outdoorsy-style date, find a nearby hiking or biking trail to explore together. Pack some snacks and a blanket and have an impromptu picnic at the peak as you enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

6. Enjoy some coffee together

Turn going out for drinks into going out for coffee together. Coffee shops are cozy, intimate spots to get to know someone and enjoy a non-alcoholic drink. Plus, you can tell a lot about someone from their coffee order! If you’re hungry, most coffee shops offer a wide selection of treats like bagels, breakfast sandwiches, scones, muffins, and more.

7. Go see a movie in a theater

Going to the movies is another fun, nostalgic date idea. Nowadays, many movie theaters are equipped with reclining chairs and food service to your seat to make the experience more luxurious. Don’t forget bottomless popcorn and drink refills!

8. Take a class together

Learning or trying something new with your date is a great bonding experience. Sign up to take a class such as yoga, tennis, volleyball, painting, cooking, pottery, or more. The options are endless!

9. Explore the zoo or aquarium

Who doesn’t love visiting a zoo or aquarium? If you or your date are animal lovers, zoos and aquariums are fun and relaxing ways to learn more about your favorite species, and each other. For a kind gesture, you can buy a stuffed version of her favorite animal in the gift shop once you leave.

10. Attend a live concert

Live music is the best way to listen to music the way it should be. Even if your favorite artist or band isn’t in town, many smaller venues have up-and-coming artists play sets most nights, so the two of you can discover a new favorite together!

11. Go see a comedy show

A good sense of humor is an important attribute in a partner, so going to see a comedy or improv show is the quickest way to gauge your compatibility with a date! Laughing together builds a connection, and you will likely bond over your shared sense of humor.

12. Cozy up with stargazing

Bring a blanket out under the stars or drive through the countryside to go stargazing. The cool, crisp air will have her cuddling up next to you as the two of you take in the beautiful night sky and pick out the constellations.

13. Attend a sporting event

The atmosphere of sporting events tends to be fun and casual, and cheering on your hometown team alongside a date makes the experience even better. Grab a burger and a soda and take in an exciting game with other cheering fans.

14. Go ice skating

Ice skating is the perfect romantic outing, plus it provides an opportunity to hold hands with your date. Grab her hand and skate around your local indoor ice skating rink as you talk and get to know each other. In the wintertime, you may be able to find an outdoor ice rink. Make sure to sip on some hot chocolate after you’re done to warm up! Bring a blanket and offer to wrap her up with it to warm her up anymore. She will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

15. Go to a hibachi or other interactive dinner

Interactive dining experiences are unique culinary excursions that provide entertainment and the opportunity to try and enjoy new cuisine. Hibachi dinners are known for their interactivity and talented chefs that provide dinner and a show for patrons. If you’re looking for a different kind of dinner date, try a local hibachi restaurant next time you go!

Conclusion to fun ideas for dates without alcohol

Dating as an adult does not have to involve alcohol, and the good news is that there are plenty of ways to have fun without having a drink. Next time you plan a date with someone, suggest one of the above ideas!

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