Google Glass on a dateAs many of you have heard/read Google is developing a new product that they're looking to launch toward the end of the year called Google Glass. With it there are a number of implications to consider.  Such as this video below:

I have to be honest with you all, I'd totally fucking do the shit out of this. No lie! Why? Because I'm a tech nerd and I love these sorts of toys.

Going to back to the implications of such a device, it really does bring up a number of potentially awesome use cases. Like what? Well, what if you could wear these while you were out doing something cool, like shopping? You could snap photos of clothes you might consider purchasing for a date, or of clothes you already have in your wardrobe and share with a friend, or a dating coach. If you wanted to be a dick, like me, you might consider streaming some video of your date to a friend to boast of how gorgeous your date is and lament your friends sitting at home, watching porn… Though, that might add fuel to their “bulging” loneliness. Interesting, indeed…

It's fun to think of the potential of such tech would have on dating were it a more innocuous piece of wearable fashion but, alas, it is not. You might as well have the Jordi LaForge eye clips going.

Personally, I could see using something like this to easily scope out a nearby spot to grab a drink or something similar. Or you could potentially be a creepy a-hole and stream video to friends or your PUA buddy so they can help you ‘close;' or you could do some live internet stalking of your date, too…

How would you use Google Glass on a date? Tell me in the comments below!

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