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Lots Of Fakes

You've spent the last week or two talking to someone you've met on an online dating site and you've finally made plans to meet. The day is here. You're excited to meet this person who has seemed so wonderful online....

Google Glass on a date

Google Glass on a Date?

As many of you have heard/read Google is developing a new product that they're looking to launch toward the end of the year called Google Glass. With it there are a number of implications to consider.  Such as this video below:...

/ April 10, 2013
Mobile Dating App

Mobile Dating. Meexo and You

the Urban Dater had the recent pleasure of speaking with a mover and shaker in the mobile dating app space, Romain David, creator of the Meexo app, and we got some insight into how he views mobile dating and its...

/ April 6, 2012