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Free Bar Crowd-Rating iPhone and Android App Now Shows Gender Ratios, Check-In Volume

New York, NY (October 18, 2011) – Liquid Fare, Inc., a New York-based mobile app development company, today announced the newest version of its flagship Liquid Fare app, featuring realtime Foursquare integration. The free app is available on iPhone and Android and allows users to find local bars, lounges and clubs in terms of age, style, attractiveness and size of the crowd. These crowdsourced ratings are now supplemented by Foursquare data that shows volume of current check-ins and typical gender ratios of each bar’s crowd.

Designed to act as “nightlife radar,” Liquid Fare is a free, easy and fun way for people to find a local watering hole with the type of crowd they desire. The app takes the guesswork out of nightlife by overlaying realtime and historical Foursquare data on top of its proprietary rating system.

The app can be used by people of any gender or sexual orientation and its innovative features allow users to:

  • Monitor typical gender ratios at nightlife hotspots
  • See which bars are buzzing with realtime Foursquare check-ins
  • Submit or review ratings of hotspots based on age group, style, and attractiveness
  • Instantly see ratings of bars nearby using their smartphone’s GPS
  • Search for bars in a specific zip code or area
  • See where bars rank in their city based on their score
  • Check in on Foursquare directly through the Liquid Fare app
  • Share submitted ratings instantly via Facebook

With Liquid Fare, bar patrons will never have to be disappointed by their city’s nightlife again. It can be downloaded for free for iPhone or Android at

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