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I know how you feel, always seeing your friends chatting to women and having a good time, whether it’s on a night out or in work, friends and colleagues always seem to be enjoying themselves around women. Well now it’s your turn, here I want to discuss some top tips to enjoy women’s company, flirt and seek out feel good responses from those of the opposite sex.

However, first things first, just because you want to up your flirting game you can’t just expect or assume that every woman wants attention. One of the first steps or lessons to learn, even if you learn the hard way with a slap across the face is that reading body language and facial signs will be crucial. By gauging her response to your flirting will provide you with a platform to either continue and gain confidence or smile and walk away. If she’s is smiling, making eye contact, playing with her hair or her shoulders turn towards you more often than not then she may well feel comfortable and you are on safe ground to continue. However, if she looks disinterested or even bored, her body language such as shoulders or crossed legs may be facing away from you then stay polite, wish her a good day and retreat.

You may think you haven’t got any skills, or any tools to flirt with women and your mates have everything they need to be good with the ladies. Well, listen here, I can guarantee that you currently hold the most powerful tool used for flirting, and both men and women possess this…your smile! Whether a woman is flirting with a guy or another woman over the course of their lesbian dating phase, then the tools used are just the same. Guys remember, a pleasant, natural and unforced smile sends the right signals and can put a woman at ease. If she responds to this by smiling back, then she is also sending you positive messages. The smile is a safe and harmless technique that doesn’t affect your confidence or social status in a situation. A smile at someone won’t be noticed by others around you, so if your smiles are not reciprocated then you have not lost anything, you’re not embarrassed, and you can quickly move on to the next smile and eye contact with someone else.

Again another tool that can be used by men and women, on men or women is the odd compliment, but I know what you’re thinking…not too many! Over-complimenting, a lady, can come across as desperation and seek personal reassurance as you expect a compliment back. Everyone does like hearing a compliment, whether they like to admit it or not, but a delivered compliment must sound genuine, and initially no too personal. Don’t dive straight in by stating how much you like her figure, boobs or bum, but do casually mention that you like her clothes or her new tan; compliments also include saying that you admire the job that she does or the way she is with animals for example. Once more look out for how these compliments are reciprocated, if she smiles, makes good eye contacts or sends a compliment back then these positive signals suggest she is happy to continue along this line of conversation with you.

Another tool that you hold that can be used to flirt and gauge positive responses is by making eye contact. You already have a toolbox full of options to be used on women, knowing how and when to use them is a crucial factor. For example, eye contact is an easy flirting tip, so simple but yet so effective. During a conversation with a woman, make subtle eye contact and pay attention to what she has to say, this is called active listening. Don’t hold eye contact too long that you both feel awkward and certainly do not stare. But eye contact along with a smile during a conversation or even before you have met is the easiest way to engage a woman, to judge her responses of you and to allow flirting to flow back and forth.

A further top tip is to be confident! I know this sounds easier said than done but confidence oozes appeal and women find this attractive. It sounds obvious, but it's necessary to build up your self-esteem and self-worth before you can engage women in meaningful discourse. By having an overall sense of stability, control and confidence in a wide range of settings in front of a wide variety of women are attractive. Speak to as many women as possible, women you don’t find interesting as well as the ones you do. In work, in the supermarket, on evenings out, say hello, make eye contact and smile to all women. Don’t keep your head down until you find one girl you like. Speaking, smiling and acknowledging all women is good practice, but it also boosts self-confidence as you will be surprised at some positive responses you will receive. Relax, enjoy and be confident, after all; you’re only saying hello!

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Alex, online dating specialist. Have degree in Psychology, fields of interpersonal relationships, love, finding a partner are relative to me. I love to study people and communicate with them.

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