5 Dating Lessons from Netflix’s ‘Love’

At the best of times, dating and relationships are a minefield of do’s and dont's that single people have to thread through carefully. Sometimes, a person is left looking for love in all the wrong places. Sometimes, they’re lucky.

Mickey and Gus, in the Netflix original series ‘Love’ are sometimes lucky and often not, but we can all learn a little something about relationships from this pair and their antics. Like what, you ask? Here are just a few little tidbits that could help your love life:

Don’t talk about your ex

Sure, your past is important to you, but throwing it in the face of your new love won’t win you any points. Gus takes it one step further when he asks Mickey to drive him home – to his old address – and she ends up face to face with his ex-girlfriend, which leads to a face-to-face encounter between his new love interest and still antagonistic ex-AWKWARD! Of course, he might not have done that if he wasn’t high as a kite from “hot boxing in Mickey’s car at the time, which segues nicely into point #2, below.

Don’t get wasted in front of your new love

However you like to relax after a long day, getting too comfy too soon in the relationship might lead you to reveal just a little too much about you, and probably not in a good way! Like Gus’ ‘honesty’ when he compared Mickey’s age to “Jesus Christ when he died” or later on when Mickey jumps off into a pool with painful and embarrassing consequences. Those are the kind of mistakes that are hard to come back from. There will be time to enjoy a glass or two of wine once you are more comfortable with each other and with the relationship.

Don’t go hang out where your exes hang out

Avoiding your old haunts = avoiding where your exes might be. If you have a good rapport, it could be okay. However, if you ended things badly, it could be rough and lead to doing stuff like Mickey does when she leaps into a pool after encountering not one but three of her exes at a party who were all angry at how she ended things with them! It may be tempting to show off a new love interest in front of an ex, but this will only create bad vibes all the way around and make your new love interest question your maturity.

Do choose mutually agreeable activities for dates

Don’t try and be a wizard and guess what your date might like to do: ask them! If your favorite hobby is playing a rousing game of paintball war – or in Gus’ case, a magic club – you might be disappointed if your date isn’t into it. It’s a great idea to show your interests and passions to your new love interest, but in the early stages of your relationship stick to dates you know you’ll both enjoy and connect with easily.

Don’t show up at their work unannounced

This spells creepy. Don’t do it. Making your new found love feel like you’re following them is the best way to be sure you’re soon going to be saying goodbye. Creating a scene at the office, like Mickey does to Gus? That’s just embarrassing.

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