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Dating Advice for Men: Don't Let Bad Facial Hair Happen To You

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ZZ Top might be able to score some ladies with their beards, but this doesn't mean you will.

This does not mean you have to be clean shaven, but it does mean that you should endeavor to keep yourself groomed. Beards are sexy, if you put some energy into the upkeep of said beards.

Keep it short. Long beards make you look old and out of date, and no one wants to date a ZZ top lookalike! Short beards, or a 5 o’clock shadow, make a man look distinguished, which is very sexy and attractive.

Keep your facial hair trimmed and make sure to shave your neck. Neck hair screams laziness and makes you look unkempt. If you’re too lazy to keep yourself groomed most women will intuit that you’re too lazy to take care of them, or put any effort into a relationship. Neck hair is a big turn off and screams “I have self-esteem issues to work out.”

Women want to have a soft, clean neck to nuzzle up to. A shaved neck and well kept beard signals emotional health and sexual vibrance.

If you find that the beard just isn’t working for you at all, call it a day and shave your face. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by “coming clean,” letting your sexy, masculine, jawline work its magic on her.

Veronica Reynolds is the Community Manager for online dating blog, WooMe.com, the world’s largest live introductions platform where people meet live in chat sessions via webcam around any shared interest for fun, to hook up, or for pure entertainment. Veronica loves social media and is online a lot. Feel free to contact her on Twitter.

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  1. I think that such a beard girls do not particularly like. ) In my life was a lot of girls and have a lot of what I know. ) So think for yourself. ) Recommend a good dating site.
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  2. It depends on the man. Some men don't look right without a
    beard and some men look dirty with a beard. Personally I prefer
    guys with a 5 o'clock shadow but that's just me…somewhere in
    between 🙂

  3. The vice about becoming your best self sort of prerequisite for this tip. Too many men are intimidated around really attractive woman. They think that woman they desire are automatically out of their league. Beyond that, they’re absolutely crushed if they approach a woman and she doesn’t immediately respond positively.

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