How I Bounce Beautiful Women Back to My Place Within Hours of Meeting Them!

how to pull women
how to pull women
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So I get a lot of men asking me the same question which is this.

“Hey Omar (McMaax), once I know a woman is into me, how do I get her back to my place so that we can get intimate and possibly even sexual?”.

Let me show you the right way by first showing you the wrong way.

Most men will state something like-“So Suzie, do you want to go back to my place and get it on?”.

Or something like this:

“So you wanna come over to my place?”.

Now remember this for the rest of your life. As much as a woman loves the pleasure of having sex and believe you me, she loves it more than you do, far greater for her is the pain of the stigma associated with feeling cheap or slutty and the pain of feeling disrespected.

So even though she may want to carry the interaction forward with you, she doesn't want to feel cheap doing it. This is what she will feel if she says “Uh huh or Okay” to your direct proposition for “sex or intimacy”.

Both of the examples above suggest that you want her to come over for just that reason. The first one explicitly states it and the second example, because of its lack of specificity will insinuate the same intention of wanting to get down her pants.

As a result, she will get cold feet and throw down the idea.

Instead, a woman wants to feel “good” and “non-slutty” when she agrees to come to your house. In addition to that, she wants to feel “respected”. The way to make her feel this way is by “coating” the act of getting more intimate with an “asexual” activity.

For example you can say something like this…

“Hey Suzie, let's go back to my place and I'll show you how to make a great Kale Salad with Olive Oil”.


“Hey why don't we go back to my place and watch “The Breakfast Club” and have a glass of wine. I know you are also a huge 80's fan like me”.

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See this is a more “intelligent” way to get a woman back to your place. She expects you to “word” things in this manner. This way she feels comfortable, respected and not slutty, even though she knows that by going back to your place, there is a possibility of things getting heated between the two of you.

This is how I bounce beautiful women back to my place within a few hours of meeting them.

Until next time, get out there and push the maax!

Omar aka “McMaax”
The top pick up artist coaching and seduction training globally!

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Omar Khan aka "McMaax" is regarded, globally as a virtuoso and subject matter expert in the area of self, social dynamics and cold approach street seduction mastery. He is also the founder of Maaximum Seduction, an international outfit that teaches men via "Live in the field" training programs how to think, feel and act successfully in life and in love.

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