5 Root Causes You’re Failing with Women and How You can Change!


Do you start to drool like a little school boy, get tongue-tied, break into a sweat or start to get the chills when the idea of approaching a gorgeous, high quality woman crosses your mind? There are typically 5 reasons why that most likely happens. I am going to show you what they are so that you can see how ridiculous the basis for your self-sabotaging mannerisms are. Your brain will then hopefully, associate massive pain to holding on to the specific emotional responses or beliefs you may have that are killing your chances with women. As a result, it should discard them.

Here are the 5 main causes for your self-destructive and self-sabotaging mannerisms around women.

1. Evolutionary

Thousands of years ago when we used to live in little tribes, we had to obey and “seek the acceptance and approval” of the “tribal leader”. If we disobeyed him, we would be ousted from the tribe and thrown out into the surrounding wilderness, where the chances of survival were minimal. This was due to, either the scarcity of resources, the harsh climatic conditions or by savagery by one of the many vicious predators lurking there.

Therefore your need to “seek the acceptance and approval” of others today, including women comes from your evolutionarily hard-wired “need” to obey a primitive tribal leader.

Isn't this ridiculous in 2013? See, just by showing your brain that a specific belief or negative emotional response to something is based on fiction, not on fact, your brain will associate more pain to “holding on to it” than pleasure. Eventually it will discard that believe or neuro-association for good.

2. Developmental

During the early formative years of development, most of our disciplinarian figures were women. That's right! Our babysitters, grade school teachers and of course our mothers were the ones that instituted a system of “punishment and reward” for us, which forced us to seek their acceptance and approval and fear pissing them off. Furthermore, our mothers were the ones that gave us “life” in the form of breast milk and also made us feel loved, wanted, appreciated, secure, nurtured.

From this, we have carried on into adulthood both a wonderful appreciation for women but also a heavy dependency on them for self-validation, hence a need to seek their approval.


See how that happened? Good! Awareness is the first step to recovery.

As a result, your brain should now associate massive pain to holding on to your old habits, because it will see that there is no “value” in doing so any more. Consequently, it should eventually discard them.

3. Psychological

We have a tendency to generalize things, rather than to dissect each situation we experience and formulate a meaning to it, on a case by case basis. For instance, let's say you asked a girl out to the prom when you were 16 and she rejected your proposal. Instead of treating that as “One girl saying no”, you tend to formulate the general belief that “I am no good with women” or something like that. The reason for this is because forming such generalizations requires much less work for your mind, than to decipher and define each of your experiences. Once you realize that you are where you are with women, due to, in essence a stupid laziness on the part of your brain, you can start to chuckle then roll on the floor while laughing hysterically and then finally get up and start to put in a bit of effort to breakdown and add meaning to each of your experiences.

In other words, look at the failed prom date proposal as an individual incident and not in any way indicative of an overall, ill fate with women.

4. Mass Media

How often do you see billboards or commercials with men that are very attractive, super rich, young looking, business class, professional looking, well dressed, driving fast sports cars with modelesque, gorgeous bona fide 10s? That's right! All the time.

Why is this so? Quite simply, to create a falsified neuro-association in your sub-conscious mind that you have to be hunky or handsome, rich, young, have lots of money or whatever to attain a hot, high quality woman. This brainwashing is intentional and its intent is to get you to want to attain those “material” things. Ultimately, this makes the retailers of your university education, suit, condo, car, expensive dinners for a woman, etc loads of money off of you. Realize that you don't need material or financial status to attract beautiful, high quality women. All you need is social and genetic status which you can convey using your attitude, body language and certain mannerisms.

See how you have been fooled and tricked? It's okay, better late than never to be awoken from your slumber, right? Awesome. Okay, now moving on to the last reason why you may “suck” with women…….

5. Social

Face it, most of your friends are a bunch of wankers or average frustrated chumps. You have heard their stories of rejection and failure with women, you have heard them whine about how evil women are, simply because they wouldn't give your loser friends the time of day, you have heard them say how “that woman over there” is way out of your league when you are all out at a social venue, you have heard them suggest how you all should just go to a strip club and get a lap dance, as it is much easier to get action that way, even though it is pay for play, you have heard them state how you should go to the dive bar down the street called the Cock n' Bull, because the women in there are so drunk, hideous and desperate that at least you will have a chance at getting some. What are you thinking dude? Drop these losers like 3rd period French!

Your association with such chumps has totally affected your standards and willingness to grow and develop your game. It has brought you down, kept you there and ultimately made you think, feel and act small, little, like a chump. Hasn't it? It will continue to negatively affect your dating and sex life, until and unless you do something about it. Got it? Good! Now dump these losers NOW. You need to associate with winners, successful lady's men, ambitious, Alpha, movers and shakers. If you don't know any then start making connections or just go out alone. That is how all of us got to mastery level within, not just our dating and sex lives but every facet of our lives.

Now can you see why you are at where you are, with respect to your dating and sex life, unnecessarily? If you want to change this, DO SOMETHING NOW chief. First, hopefully by realizing why you think, feel and act the way you do, you can make the decision to change your beliefs and attitude. This should be a bit easier, now that I have told you, the “bullshit basis” for much of your self-destructive thoughts, emotional responses and actions with respect to your dating and sex life. Lastly, If you want help, reach out to us as we can change you in days and weeks, not years if at all.

Now get out there and push the maax!

Omar aka “McMaax”

Author Profile

Omar Khan aka "McMaax" is regarded, globally as a virtuoso and subject matter expert in the area of self, social dynamics and cold approach street seduction mastery. He is also the founder of Maaximum Seduction, an international outfit that teaches men via "Live in the field" training programs how to think, feel and act successfully in life and in love.

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