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Unquestionably, all of us are exhausting ourselves day and night to keep up with the fast changing times. Some of us need better job and advanced lifestyle; while others may have their own desires. However, have you ever wondered about that phase of life when you have achieved your goals, what comes next?

At this point of time you would realize that you are standing there in the middle of a crowd, but still alone! You have been so busy exploring your needs and wants that you never got time to think about your personal life. So, if you are one of those who wish to find the right person to give you the comfort for sharing the joys and sorrows of life; then there would never be a better time than this.

Are you now imagining someone else choosing your life partner? You don’t have to! Things have changed. Dating and finding partner has taken a whole new meaning with the Web. As, the internet has spread its influence all over the globe; even many of the culturally specific countries, especially the Arabic nations have accepted the concept of online dating.

With this phenomenon of online matchmaking sweeping across the entire world, singles are finding such sites to be a prime medium to know someone; and eventually initiate the romantic journey of life. There is a long list of people who have found their better halves by surfing these sites. The major reasons for the increased popularity of such websites include-

  • These sites serve as a platform for singles to socialize and fill colors in their dull and lonely lives.

  • By interacting with people belonging to different cultural backgrounds, ideas and perceptions, you get an opportunity to acquaint yourself about their values customs.

  • You have the freedom of choosing the best potential partner for yourself, without having to worry about cultural boundaries.

Persons having positive experience in the past share that registering with a reputed and reliable site, eases the whole process of finding someone from same cultural background as yours or across cultures.

John Lennon has quoted, “Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do; Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too; Imagine all the people, living life in peace”. In simple words, love sees no boundaries. Via these sites, many individuals tend to fall in love with those from different moral system. It is however, advisable to weigh down the pros and cons of cross culture relationships and then proceed further.


  • Since you open up your mind to another culture's tastes and believes; you develop broader perspective towards life. And, with time you become observant and analytical.
  • Getting along with an individual from entirely different views will demand willingness, patience, persistence and liberalism to accept another person's point of view, so it helps you to grow as a better human being.


  • Compromises are involved. You may have to choose between your cultural inhibitions and staying true to your personality as shaped by your culture and other’s emotions. It is like giving up your Christian beliefs when you marry an atheist. Can you do that?
  • You may have to make a huge jump of adjustment and at times, deal with practices that are acceptable in the other person's society but hurtful to your own.

Remember, there is no recipe for guarantying 100% success of a relationship. If both of you are having a gala time together, there is nothing to worry about.

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Mike Smith is a marketing & content strategist for The Arab Match. The Arab Match is an Arab Dating website that is a great place for Arabs to look for someone who would be perfect for them.

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