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Omar Khan aka "McMaax" is regarded, globally as a virtuoso and subject matter expert in the area of self, social dynamics and cold approach street seduction mastery. He is also the founder of Maaximum Seduction, an international outfit that teaches men via "Live in the field" training programs how to think, feel and act successfully in life and in love.

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How I Bounce Beautiful Women Back to My Place Within Hours of Meeting Them!

So I get a lot of men asking me the same question which is this. “Hey Omar (McMaax), once I know a woman is into me, how do I get her back to my place so that we can get...

/ July 22, 2013

5 Root Causes You’re Failing with Women and How You can Change!

Do you start to drool like a little school boy, get tongue-tied, break into a sweat or start to get the chills when the idea of approaching a gorgeous, high quality woman crosses your mind? There are typically 5 reasons...

/ July 12, 2013