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The Urban Dater's First Podcast… Awww.

Hear ye, hear ye muthafuckaaaaas! Here is our first podcast everyone! It's been a long time coming and, really, the first time we've been sober enough to sit down and complete something…even though we didn't stay sober. So please, please give us your feedback as this is a learning process for us both. We'd love to get your opinions, questions, comments, concerns and other shit; frankly I'm drunk off good beer… We both are! Honestly Duchess De Bourgogne should sponsor our next podcast as well as those brilliant peeps at the Bootleggers Brewery! Shout outs to Miss Melisa Mae and Jack From Bkln, our dear friends who are actually mentioned in this very lovely podcast! So what can you expect to hear in this podcast?

  • Alex talking about masturbation
  • Taylor talking about how she told an ex to f*ck off on Valentine's Day
  • Our blogger pick of the month
  • Intro to the Insomniac's Club
  • Our dating tip of the month… plus a bunch of other bullshit we talk about and poor editing! Yaaay Garage Band!

For tonight's podcast Alex drank Bootlegger  Brewery's ‘Black Phoenix' while Taylor drank Duchesse De Bourgogne  Br. Verhaeghe Vichte.

Urban Dater Podcast Episode Take-1

Our First Podcast

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