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SingleTease: Taking Dating Offline and Getting Face to Face

It's not polite to stare, just call the person!
Single Tease

So much of what we do at the Urban Dater is focused on what you do online… Okay, maybe that's not entirely true, but we certainly err that direction. My girlfriend and I had a talk sometime ago about technology and how it's transformed and even hindered, to a degree, how we interact with one another. We went back and forth on the pros and cons about it all and came to a conclusion that people need to be reintroduced to face-to-face communication. No, no, I'm not talking about those slutty web cam sessions either… Hold on, I gotta pay for my next five minutes to Fee Fee McKnockers. Brb. I keed, I keed. The point is, though, that I think people need more face time and ways to open conversation. It's not that hard, really. However, some people are gripped by shyness. That's a problem and that's why it's so awesome to talk about a couple of ladies that are doing things differently. Kristen Moore and Tamera Lawrence are the brains, beauty and talent behind SingleTease.com.

singletease works

SingleTease seeks to do something a little different from all the other sites and services out there. Kristin and Tamera bring with them over twenty years of design experience and have tapped into that to help singles connect. They do that with clever cards and t-shirts that are visually appealing, clever and flirty all at once. You might think that they took a picture of me and put my face on a t-shirt. Right? Well, nope, they didn't do that, instead they used their design acumen to produce some awesome products to help break the ice. Not only do they sell tees, but they sell clever cards to help break the ice, too.

It's not polite to stare, just call the person!

Having met both of these enteprenuers recently, I can tell you that they are driven to create a quality product and address a need at the same time. That need is simply to help bring singles together. Their product line is a great way of doing that.

Every single (unattached) person needs help meeting other singles. If this were not true, online dating would not be a 700 million dollar industry. – SingleTease.com


I definitely recommend you check out SingleTease and look through their wares… Though, keep in mind I'm referring to the products and, you know, not the ladies… They probably wouldn't appreciate that too much. In any case, tell em the Urban Dater sent ya.

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  1. I think there is also a need for a person-person actual conversation to have an effective communication with each other. this will allow the both of them to open up and be more comfortable with each other. It was said here some
    peo­ple are gripped by shy­ness, that is true. But you should overcome that so that you can reach out to others and be more open to them so that you can have a good and effective relationship with them.

  2. Personal communication for me is more effective rather than online communication. I believe that in order to establish a good connection, you must see your partner physically and spend time with him. Now, when it comes to shyness… i have no question about that because some people are just born like that. But how can you open up your heart if there is a wall that hinders your emotions? Just a thought.
    My recent post Successful Online Dating Story- Tom and Maggie

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