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Win a Pair of Dockers by Showing Chivalry is Undead… er… Not Dead!

Docker's Free Pants Give Away!

I don't think I could say that I've ever been without a pair of Docker's pants in my professional life.  I've been wearing them in ever since I worked in an office and I continue wearing them now, in my design and development consulting career.  You're saying “But, um, why do I care about that?”  Okay, well, I'll tell you why!  I was approached to by these Docker's people to give away five pairs of Docker's.  That's right!  Five pairs of pants are being given away and I get the honors of giving them away to you, dear reader.

Docker's pants give away

You may have seen the Dockers Men Without Pants commercial during the Super Bowl. It was all about men stepping up and wearing the pants – even though they weren't!  This Valentine's Day, I'm giving away 5 pairs of Dockers Soft Khakis in either a classic khaki color or a cool red.

Guys, it's a chance for you to upgrade your wardrobe and look classy doing it.  Ladies, this presents the chance for you to surprise your guy with something he'll really appreciate.  It's a win win!
This is how it works: prove that men ARE wearing the pants and that #chivalryisnotdead – especially on Valentine's Day.  Post a comment (and if possible a pic) to my blog/facebook/twitter account about what your guy did for you on Valentine's Day (past or for this year) and I will select 5 winners at random to receive a free pair of khakis.

You have to post by Noon on Friday (Feb 19).

Best of luck!

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  1. Interesting. I completely agree with you on investing in presentation. My biggest peeve about dating is the lack of interest so many men take in their appearance. It's a big turn off.

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