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I am a single woman with an empty nest living in Atlanta. I have a professional career that I thoroughly enjoy. I am reentering the dating pool with a bit of humor and great deal of trepidation.

Anal Sex

EXIT only – No Admittance, No Anal

Over the years I have encountered several men that have expressed an interest and desire in anal sex.  Admittedly, I of course don't see the interest.  I have read articles that say that it is supposed to be an amazing...

/ January 8, 2015
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Friends with Benefits…Without Intimacy?

There are times in an adults life where a friends with benefits situation could be useful. I don't believe the concept is bad. However, when did having friends with benefits mean that there is no tenderness or intimacy? A person...

/ December 19, 2014
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Warning: Small Penis Ahead

I adore Coach bags. I was drooling over a new satchel bag online and decided to go to the Coach store to view it in person. When I arrived at the store to purchase it, imagine my surprise that the...

/ December 12, 2014