What Clothing Men Should Avoid on a First Date


Men should be very careful when it comes to choosing their outfit for a first date as women can be very observant. They will take in every little detail that even a fashionable men might not even think about.

It's all about the small things

A lot of men out there want to impress on their first date by adding a luxury designer watch or an expensive sports jacket to their outfit. Numerous studies have shown already that these kind of details might be important but they don't help at all if the rest of the attire doesn't work. The best example: belt buckle, cuff links and tie.

It doesn't come across as very classy when you choose the most vibrant, blinding colours and patterns. The same can be said for a thick gold chain or a too showy gold watch. They convey the opposite of stylishness. Another big fashion faux pas which can be easily avoided is the bum bag. If you own one, don't wear it to the first date.

A date is not an office meeting

Many men who want to look neat on their first date will wear a suit. However, by doing so you quickly run the risk of looking out of place and overdressed in most surroundings. A relaxed getting-to-know-one-another in a bar or a restaurant is not the same as a business meeting so don't over-do it no matter how expensive or beautiful the suit might be.

Furthermore, avoid crazy colour experiments in the hope of coming across more dynamic or modern. Only wear what you know suits you. This will also make sure that you will feel more comfortable. For instance, if you are generally a pale type of person then a black jacket won't be beneficial. The last thing you want to do is to dress up and take on a role rather than be yourself. But the biggest fashion sin is to wear socks in sandals. It might be hard to believe but this point still needs to be made as there are plenty of men out there who will still make this unforgivable mistake.

Relax and enjoy yourself

A date should be a fun way to get to know another person. It isn't an interrogation or a fashion show. A smart casual look is always a safe bet. Mens designer clothing brands such as Love Moschino, Alexander McQueen McQ, PS Paul Smith or 7 For All Mankind offer sophisticated styles, perfect for the first date. Find out more at www.diasdesignerclothing.co.uk.

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