Watched the Tree of Life Six Months Ago… I Just Now Got it.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life
Treant Spotting… Get it, get it? Oh eff you!

People who know me can count on the following: 1. I'm a two-bit shit head who's useful for little more than jokes and small talk; 2. I know computers n' stuff and can build you a pretty awesome website (like the one you're looking at right now); 3. I'll sleep with your mom should the situation make itself available. You see? Complete and utter uselessness in the form of a feeble and pale white male.

I guess I could have started by stating: “I saw the ‘Tree of Life,' by Terrence Malick and I hated the living shit out of it. Just this morning, I think I… ‘got it.'”

What is life and what are memories? Not in a literal sense, but what are they to you? To me they're a collection of images, sounds and, most of all, feelings. In my mind I see a collection of these images and feelings when reminded of something that's long since happened or gone by… Today I had one particularly vivid flashback of when I first met my girlfriend. I remember things we did together, but not in their entirety; just flashes of images and, again, feelings. I quickly raced through our relationship and certain things jumping out at me and before I was shaken back to reality. I had a check to deposit.

It's interesting to say the least. Tree of Life pissed me off. I think it was the (spoiler alert!) dinosaurs at the beginning of the movie that just irked me. I haven't liked dinosaurs since Little Foot, in the Land Before Time. Utter shittery that movie was. Moving along…

That movie, I know had some greater message or some shit like that because people wouldn't shut their damn mouths over it and at the urging of one of my good friends I saw it… I looked on and had no fucking idea what I was watching. My brain was numb, like the day I took that sex ed. class in 6th grade, two weeks ago. I was cornfoosed by what I saw.

To me, what I saw were a collection of seemingly disjointed imagery. Sure, I know they all related to one another, but I just wasn't making the connection and the movie ended with a thud, sort of like working up to a violently explosive erection only to falter at the summit of ecstasy. What the shit is that? I dismissed the piece of shit movie and those that heralded it as an Oscar worthy work. Kiss mah grits, Flo!

The Tree of Life is something that leaves one much to ponder and it is a bit deeper than I thought, quite a lot actually. I'm sure I still missed the point of the movie, but it made me think and made me look at what my memories are and how they affect me. Good one, Terrence Malick, now go make a porno.

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  1. If Malick does make a porno, it will also have dinosaurs in it. So if your into hot ‘T-Rex on T-Rex’ action, Malik’s going to deliver the goods. Side note: Malick is the only director alive who can make Brad Pitt unlikeable…that take some mad skills, yo.

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