Last-minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, family, and friendship. Some of the ways to express how we feel for people on this day is to gift them. The process of looking for Valentine’s gifts last minute may be stressful. Here’s a quick guide on what you can get as last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts.  

  1. House Plants 

You can consider sending house plants on Valentine’s Day to your loved one’s home. House plants are beautiful additions to interior decor. Not only do these beautify the house, but these provide a sense of joy when your loved ones nurture them. Your gift will remind your loved one about your gesture which symbolizes the relationship that you share. You can personalize this gift with a note expressing your appreciation for the person.

Green flowers in the pots on window. Interior of the room
  1. Roses 

Roses are universal gifts that express emotions for various occasions. Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions when you can express love and gratitude for relationships. A Valentine’s rose bouquet is a gift that will be appreciated. The different colours brighten up the space and may encourage positive emotions. The scent roses give off is appreciated by many and will be a memory long after the day has passed.

  1. Chocolate 

Chocolate is believed to release the feel-good hormone called dopamine. As a result, many appreciate the taste and how the chocolate helps them enjoy positive emotions. You can get creative and send a chocolate bouquet for Valentine’s Day. A chocolate bouquet is an assortment of chocolate and wrapped in the form of a rose bouquet. A chocolate bouquet, together with the rose bouquet, will be a double gift that your loved one may appreciate as one bouquet is edible, while the other is beautiful!

  1. Gift Vouchers 

Gifting a voucher on Valentine’s Day is a convenient last-minute process. Once you have an idea of the kind of gifts that your loved one enjoys, you can purchase a voucher and leave the product choice to him or her. For example, if your loved one enjoys visiting the spa, you can purchase a spa voucher worth the amount of various treatment options. He or she can then decide on the type of treatment to enjoy that’s worth the amount you would load onto the voucher. Leaving room for choice means that the receiver enjoys the gift exactly how he or she wishes.

  1. Food

An intimate meal with your loved one is an experience that brings lifetime memories. You can cook your loved one his or her favourite meal. This may be in the form of breakfast, lunch, or dinner; or even a romantic snack or picnic. The effort that goes into preparing a meal and organizing the date is one to be appreciated.

  1. A Card 

You can always gift a card on Valentine’s Day. The words that you pen on the card are the ones that tug at one’s heart. You can go the extra mile and gift a home-made card. Such a gift goes well with house plants or a rose bouquet.


Last-minute gifts you can get for Valentine’s include house plants to brighten up your loved one’s interior space, roses, chocolate, food, vouchers, and a card. The gesture and symbol of love behind a gift is what is appreciated and becomes a life-long memory.

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