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Surviving Engagement Season

So there you are, thinking “engagement season” occurs between the last two weeks of the year because a lot of people lack imagination and/or feel it’s convenient to combine one of the most important questions they will ever ask with...

/ May 3, 2013

Good Crazy

  “Good crazy” doesn’t exist. If this concept sounds reasonable to you, you may stop reading right now. But what if you’re one of those people—they tend to be women but are by no means restricted to identifying with the...

/ February 26, 2013
New year Dating Plan

Your New Dating Plan for the New Year

At the beginning of a new year, your happily coupled friends may, in a moment of amnesia where they simply can’t remember what it was like before they had boyfriends and therefore can’t imagine people can function in society without...

/ January 2, 2013
End of the world date

Get a Date for the End of the World

Standards. Deal-breakers. Rules. All great things to have when dating, especially if you’re looking for the sort of long-term relationship that will eventually end in death (from old age after being together for so long in happiness, not because you...

/ December 3, 2012
dating dry spell

On Dating After a Dry Spell

If you’ve had a bit of a break from dating, you may be apprehensive about jumping back into the game. And who could blame you? Going on a first date is one of the worst things you could ever do...

/ October 26, 2012
Follow up emails

The Art of the Follow-Up Email

Today's contributor is Chelsee Pengal. Her piece is fantastic and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. I'm going to make it my life's work to buy everything on her Amazon wishlist and make her say I'm “cooler than the...

/ August 13, 2012