How To Set Personal Boundaries & Guide Other People To Respect Them

Knowing how to set your own personal boundaries is of extreme importance if you want to maintain healthy and decent relationships with people and your own self. Without setting your personal boundaries, people will most likely never take them into the consideration and you will often feel like life is unfair towards you. People who have no personal boundaries are often people who spend a lot of time looking for relationship advice, mental health tips, and so on, while all they really need in life is to set their own personal boundaries. These are the people who would benefit from their own self healing journey. So what does setting personal boundaries mean and why do people keep on telling you to be true to yourself? If you are curious and you wish to know more about it all, continue reading as we will go over all you might want to know.

Understanding What Personal Boundaries Really Are

If you do not have personal boundaries set, you most likely know what we mean when we say people might be manipulating you very easily. People who do not set their personal boundaries straight are often emotionally unstable, they are easily manipulated and they are usually the ones who feel used at the end of it all. A person who has reasonable personal boundaries will always know how to separate their feelings and thoughts from the crowds, they know they are unique and they easily acknowledge the same in others. Simplified, personal boundaries are our emotional, physical, and mental limits we set on our own, these keep us safe from manipulators and prevent us from getting violated by others and their bad and/or unreasonable intentions.

Setting Your Own Personal Boundaries

Before anything, you need to understand that every human being has the right to set their own personal boundaries, no matter what others may think about them. Perhaps, your personal boundaries do not go in hand with certain people, but they are your boundaries and you should never change them so that someone would like you more or accept you as a person. When setting your personal boundaries keep in mind that it is your responsibility to use your boundaries as a filter that helps you notice acceptable and unacceptable things that come your way by other individuals around you. While setting personal boundaries might seem like a complicated thing, it is overall quite simple. All you really need to do when setting personal boundaries is take into consideration who you really are as a person, understand that these boundaries are meant to protect you, and define you to other people who might have no idea how to respect your worth as a human being.

When we are fortunate enough to have healthy personal boundaries, these are usually the life improvements we get to see first:

Improved self-confidence and self-worthiness
Improved life stability
Improved communication with other people
Healthier habits and thoughts
Better relationships and emotional strength

Learning How To Care About Your Own Self

Personal boundaries are great and all, but did you know that their root is all about self-care? If you do not understand how important it is to love yourself, there is a high chance you have not set your personal boundaries at all. Every individual in this world deserves and must spend some time on their own. It does not matter whether you have an amazing relationship or friends who continuously require you to spend time with them, you must ensure you always leave some of the free time for your own self. This can be anything that really makes you happy, be it watching your favorite TV show, playing your favorite games, or simply taking a bubble bath you have been craving for months now but never had enough time to do so. It is important to understand your wishes are just as important as the wishes of your partner or your best friend. Heck, last year I tried vibrational sound therapy with a friend of mine. It was transformational, I tell you. Knowing your own worth and respecting your own self is the first great step towards building beautiful personal boundaries that will improve your life for good!

Never Doubt Your Personal Boundaries

Another important thing you should take into consideration is the fact that no matter what your personal boundaries are, there will be times you will feel like they might be a little bit over the top. This, however, is not how you should be feeling. Knowing personal boundaries are so very important to you as an individual, you should make sure to never feel bad about them. Some people will go out of their way and make you feel bad about something that is truly important to you but not so important to them. In such situations, never let them manipulate you to the point you set your personal boundaries aside. People who love you and respect you as a person will never try to make you feel bad about things that make you feel happy, and they will never try to make you forget about things that are important to you just for their own sake.

Be Open About Personal Boundaries And Follow Them

Being open and communicating your personal boundaries might seem kind of silly at first, but it is actually very important if you want to make people respect them. This does not mean you need to write a list of things you find acceptable in life and talk about them with everyone around you, but take time to give people a chance to understand what is really important to you as a person.

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