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How to Survive Any First Date Nightmare

worst date story
worst date story
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As much as first dates are exciting, they can also get pretty nerve-wracking at times and it is always natural to consider the possibility that things can go wrong at any given time, sometimes giving you nightmares. Here are ways that might teach you how to survive first date nightmares, if any.

Forget About the List

When it comes to first dates, statistics show that majority of women caught up too much in setting a specific priority list and wishing that their partners meet the specifications in that list. This is a very bad idea, especially when you’re out on a first date as you stand at a risk of missing out on what could be an exciting relationship. So, just make sure that you leave that list back home and just go and enjoy yourself with your date and have a great time.

Refrain From Giving Too Much Information

The secret lies in leaving a bit if yourself to your partner’s imagination in an effort to keep them inquisitive to know more about you. Revealing too much will just make you a boring person who just can’t prevent himself or herself from talking too much. This way you can also know whether or not your date is interested in you or is on a date filtering spree, checking whether you are their type or not. For instance, a woman might want to check if her partner is reliable and curious enough to know those unspoken details, a good way to discern between the right one and the inappropriate one.

Will You Marry Me?

If you want to keep yourself well protected from an everlasting nagging guilt, never ever entertain the thought of proposing to your partner on your first date. First of all, it is the least appropriate occasion for you to make such a crucial decision and it is also too early to get into the next phase before you’ve got a chance to explore that person to a further extent.

Too Much Alcohol

Too much of anything is too bad and this definitely applies to having alcohol in controlled amounts. While alcohol helps calm your nerves to a certain extent, too much alcohol can also ruin what could have been a perfect first date. It is considered as a definite turn-off and it is far better to refrain from even a glass of alcohol if you are prone to losing your control.

By following the above mentioned things, you can be sure of knowing what to do and what not to do while on a first date.

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