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Here’s Two Words You Shouldn’t Use on Your Online Dating Profile: Crazy & Prozac


In reviewing some of the profiles through various dating sites, I found some interesting profiles. I have not altered a thing about these statements and think that words crazy or Prozac  should not appear in your profile. The reason I say this is because you are going to attract what you don’t want.

I have ranked the profile statements based on what I think about them.

Ok, so here’s a tip on what not to include in your online dating profile.  Here’s the prime reason, you shouldn’t use crazy in your profile EVER:

I speak fluent Crazy.1

I am the only heterosexual male that cried during the movie “likecrazy !1

People have said nice eyes, playful, crazy, weird, funny,2

Did I say / tell U that I'm a Little Crazy / Nuts ?

Attracting crazy women….I don't wanna be good at it 'cause it's a bad thing but hey, we all have gifts. So if you're crazy, I'm gonna need you to go quit reading and go away now…..not kidding…..see you can't even follow a simple request ya crazyass!3

You're probably sick of perusing profiles in which people sound really awesome, and then you find out they're crazy and fucked up, selfish, domineering, paranoid, whatever. Just crazy.3

  1. Cute, but probably not what you want to portray.
  2. People may think this is an accurate portrayal of you.
  3. Yeah this is effective! Offending people always works.

Or Prozac! These really need no ranking. Save psychiatric medications discussion for the 3rd date.

I just don't think that headaches are caused by a deficiency of Tylenol, or depression by a deficiency of Prozac.


But I would rather deal with the mood swings than become aProzac junkie and not feel anything at all.

I'm a programmer, and I have two cats which I've named Prozac and Zoloft.

Painting my miniatures — it's cheaper than prozac and less dangerous than street drugs.

Wondering if the Prozac is going to kick in

suit the mood of the day, wasting time on the internet , rambling, causing a scene , intimidating people when I'm onProzac , kriss kross puzzles

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